250 52nd Street is the location of a disused warehouse in Gotham City.


The Dark Knight

Rachel Dawes was killed in an explosion here when she and Harvey Dent were kidnapped by the Joker.

Later, Harvey/Two-Face kept James Gordon's family here to make him apologize for Rachel's death. The crazed man mercilessly aimed his handgun to Gordon's son's head and as he flipped his double-headed coin, which was burned on the other side, to decide the boy's fate. Batman rushed Harvey, knocking him off the building and onto the ground below, killing him.

Behind the scenes

The name "250 52nd street" is very possible to be reflected upon the number "2" and "50/50" which are used together. The street is pronounced "two-fifty-fifty-second street". This is an interesting coincidence, as Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face after the events here.

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