"I'm not really one for speeches, so I'll just say, thanks!"
―Acrobatic Thug to public[src]

The Acrobatic Thug was a thug who worked for the Penguin, as a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang.


He wore a faded white costume and formerly traveled as an acrobat in the Red Triangle Circus.

Kidnapping the Mayor's baby

"No, no! It's the hideous Penguin-Man! Here, take the baby just don't hurt me, please."
―Acrobatic Thug[src]
This thug was called upon by Penguin when he planned with Max Shreck to kidnap the Mayor's baby during an outdoor press conference at Gotham Plaza. This thug waited in the shadows in the entrance to City Hall, where he was easily able to run up where the Mayor's family was seated thanks to arrangements made by Shreck. Using his swift acrobatic skill he flipped into an open manhole with the infant. Down below the acrobat pretended to be frightened of the Penguin. He calmly handed him the baby, watching as he activated the duck vehicle's scissor lift to dramatically rise through the manhole holding the baby.

As he is not seen again in Arctic World, during the final battle, he has been arrested offscreen by Batman before Penguin's death when he commanded to kidnap all Gotham's firstborn sons.

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