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Alan Moore is an English writer. Moore's most significant Batman related work is Batman: The Killing Joke, pencilled by Brian Bolland. Prior to this he did a crossover with Swamp Thing in Gotham and wrote the Preston Payne story Mortal Clay, in Batman Annual #11.

The Killing Joke has become one the most influential and debated stories ever published by DC. Moore is uncredited on its 2016 animated feature and receives no royalties at his request, like all movie adaptations of his work.

Batman works

For the Man Who Has Everything

1985 Justice League story featuring Batman and Jason Todd assisting to thrawt Mongul in the Fortress of Solitude.

Swamp Thing #52, #53, #54, #55

Swamp Thing takes over Gotham with overgrowth until Abby Arcane is released from custody.

Mortal Clay

Preston Payne goes to a department store to proclaim his love for the mannequin Helena and encounters Batman.

The Killing Joke

The idea of doing a Joker story with Alan Moore was Bolland's idea. Moore had a falling out with DC by this time and agreed to do it only as a favor to editor Len Wein.[1]

Tim Burton took Moore out to lunch, seeking advice prior to filming the 1989 film.[2] Burton and Sam Hamm received a copy of the Killing Joke script from DC before the artwork was completed.[3]


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