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Alfred is Bruce Wayne's mysterious butler and confidant in the Batcave.


Alfred is Bruce Wayne's faithful butler and is the only person who knows Batman and Robin's secret identities. Through chance he came to learn Batgirl's secret identity as well, though at Batgirl's request he kept her secret even from the Caped Crusaders.

Alfred keeps himself busy with his duties at stately Wayne Manor, but he is often required to answer the Batphone. From time to time, he can be found dusting equipment in the Batcave, where he is generally the only person permitted other than Batman and Robin. When the Caped Crusaders' investigation enters one of his many fields of expertise, he will gladly lend a hand. Alfred is extremely knowledgeable in matters of clothing and foodstuffs, and he is also an amateur mechanic, fencer, meteorologist, and painter as well as being an expert marksman with the short, long and cross bow; indeed, in his youth he was referred to as the William Tell of Liverpool. On extremely rare occasions, he is required to go out into the field. Before Robin was old enough to drive, Alfred would put on his own eye-mask and drive the Batmobile if Batman was unavailable.

Previous to working for Mr. Wayne, Alfred was an employee of the Earl of Chutney. Over the years of service to Bruce Wayne, Alfred has accumulated some modest savings, some of which he has invested in the stock market.

He also had his own mode of transportation, the Alf-cycle, a regular bicycle with runners so that Batman could be brought into town if the Batmobile was stolen or out of commission. Its features include the Two-way Alf-radio, which provides a direct communication link to the Batmobile in case of emergency. When away from his cycle, he could use a hidden transmitter in his handkerchief to communicate with the Batcave.

Alfred Undercover[]

Alfred with Mask

Alfred wearing a mask and driving the Batmobile

Alfred also sometimes goes undercover in the cause of justice. Some of the alternate personas he uses are:

  • Ethelbert Soames: Solicitor at Law, with the firm of Soames, Sillwell, & Thistlethwaite, of Liverpool, England. This guise was to assist Aunt Harriet's plan to save Batman from Marsha, Queen of Diamonds.
  • Serge Tort: attorney-at-law, Batman's legal representative when he was wrongfully arrested.
  • Gus: Batman's boxing coach.
  • A.L. Fred: collector of rare books.
  • The janitor at 32 Pussyfoot Road, and the world's oldest living hippie.
  • Lord Easy Street: a real multimillionaire whom Alfred impersonated.
  • Batman: on one occasion that required Bruce Wayne and Batman to appear in public at the same occasion, Alfred impersonated Wayne's alter ego so no one would suspect Wayne of being Batman. He kept a distance and used the Bat Voice Imitator to both make himself sound like Batman and hide his moustache. (Walk the Straight and Narrow)


  • There is no evidence to suggest that he was ever Wayne's guardian or served his him in childhood. This concept was first hinted at in Batman: Year One.
  • This version is loosely based on Alfred Beagle, but the character was never referred to with a surname in the show. The Pennyworth family tree was invented by Frank Robbins in Batman #216, after the television show was already cancelled.


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