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Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and former bodyguard.


A former member of MI6, the British Secret Service, Alfred retired from the world of espionage and took a job as a butler and bodyguard for Dr. Thomas Wayne and his family. After his employers were murdered, Alfred took it upon himself to raise their orphaned son, Bruce. As Bruce grew, Alfred trained him in criminology, computer hacking, forensics and martial arts, preparing Bruce for his future as Batman. After Bruce took on the life of a costumed crime fighter, Alfred took on the role of a friend and confidante to his employer, helping track down leads and examine evidence from the Batcave while Bruce worked in the field.

In "Hunted", Alfred, being incapacitated and knowing he won't be around forever, employs Japanese warrior Tatsu Yamashiro to take over his role as Bruce's bodyguard.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Because he was once a spy, Alfred has had intense training and occasionally practices fighting with Batman.


  • J.B. Blanc, Alfred's voice actor, had previously voiced Bane in Batman: Arkham Origins, who ironically was responsible for nearly murdering Alfred in the climax of that game.


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