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Alfred Pennyworth is a minor character in the psychological thriller Joker, in which he is the butler for the Wayne family at Wayne Manor.


When Alfred spots Bruce Wayne interacting with a strange man at the gates of Wayne Manor, he comes to his aid. Alfred finds out that the stranger is Arthur Fleck, whose mother Penny Fleck was formerly employed at Wayne Manor before being fired. Arthur tells Alfred that he found out that Thomas is his father, although Alfred denies it, claiming that Arthur's mother is unstable and that it never was something between her and Thomas. Angered, Arthur reached through the bars of the gates and grabbed Alfred and began to choke him, but only stopped when he noticed that Bruce was still watching the incident unfold. Arthur then proceeded to flee the scene, leaving Alfred in shock.

Arthur would later realize that Alfred told him the truth when he looked in his mothers file at Arkham Asylum.


  • None of the dialogue in the film identifies him as Alfred Pennyworth, it is only revealed in the credits.