Once butler to Batman, Alfred Pennyworth turned to offering his services to the Birds of Prey after Batman moved into seclusion.


Alfred Pennyworth is the loyal Butler of the Wayne family, helping watch over Helena, daughter of Bruce Wayne/Batman and aiding the Birds of Prey in protecting Gotham. After the death of Bruces' parents Alfred became his legal guardian and is like a father to Bruce. When Bruce began his crusade as Batman, Alfred was against it until he saw the good Bruce was doing. As the years passed, Alfred helped Bruce mentor the likes of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake. When Alfred learned Bruce had had a secret relationship with Catwoman, that gave birth to Helena, Alfred assumed that Bruce would hang up his cape and help raise his daughter. However, Bruce did not due to Catwoman never telling him he had a daughter. On the fateful night that saw Batgirl shot and paralyzed by the Joker and Catwoman murdered by Clayface, Alfred tried to help Bruce deal with the pain of what had happened. After learning of Helena being Bruce's daughter, Alfred hoped once more that Bruce would help Helena as she became a woman. But Bruce left Gotham shortly after the events of Joker paralzying Batgirl and his greatest love murdered. Before leaving Bruce left a very detailed set of instructions for Alfred to watch over both Barbara and Helena.

Alfred heads to London, England, where he served the Queen for a number of years before becoming employed by they Wayne family. Alfred has been known to get into the fray when Bruce or the girls are being attacked. Alfred is loyal and loves Bruce like a son and both Barbara and Helena like daughters. What the Birds of Prey do not know is Alfred secretly still talks with Master Bruce and he lets him know how the Birds are.

Since Bruce left Gotham, Alfred has been managing Wayne Manor and the Batcave and is the temporary benefactor of the estate until Helena takes up her birthright and the name of Wayne. He also helps supply the money needed for the Birds of Prey to continue protecting New Gotham.

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