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Alfred Pennyworth was the butler and confidant of Bruce Wayne. Previously employed by his parents, he served as his guardian after their murder at the hands of a mugger. When Bruce became the vigilante Batman, Alfred reluctantly helped him fight crime and would often give advice on the actions he took and methods he used. However, after battles against both the Children of Arkham and a criminal Bruce created, Alfred would decide to leave Bruce's operations as Batman, believing it was only causing more damage to the city.


Not much is known about Alfred before his employment by the Wayne family. However, he was a member of the British Army and served at least two tours of duty before his employment. According to Alfred, he developed a form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after his first, but this would fade some time afterwards.

At some point after leaving, Alfred was hired by Thomas and Martha Wayne as their personal butler. Amongst his duties were looking after their son Bruce, whom he looked after since he was "smaller than [his] knee". During his time in their service, Alfred gradually learned about Thomas dealings with the crime lord Carmine Falcone and corrupt Mayor Hamilton Hill. Alfred also knew about Martha's disgust of these dealings and her wish to expose them.

After years of standing by, Alfred decided to leave their employ and return home. However, on the day he was due to leave, he learned that the family had been ambushed by a mugger whilst leaving the Monarch Theatre. With Bruce the only survivor of the incident, Alfred decided to remain behind and bring him up away from his father's allies, partially out of guilt for not stopping Thomas.

Alfred continued to raise Bruce as he grew up and possibly helped him train to become a vigilante to fight crime in Gotham. He also became associated with Wayne Enterprises employee Lucius Fox, who helped raise Bruce, and his daughter Tiffany. After Bruce graduated university, Alfred gave him a pocket watch as a graduation present. When Bruce became the vigilante "Batman", Alfred would help him in his operations, often by giving suggestions to operations, investigating leads whilst he was busy or operating as a medic. However, he encourage him to leave the lifestyle or use less brutal tactics.

Batman: The Telltale Series

Realm of Shadows

After Bruce returned from an encounter with a group of thieves and a woman dressed as a cat, Alfred helped patch up his injuries and prepare for Harvey Dent's Mayoral campaign fundraiser. He showed concern about his safety and encouraged him to help the city without operating as a vigilante. Alfred also served guests at the fundraiser and informed Bruce of Carmine Falcone's arrival. He left him to deal with the crime lord, later disrupting the meeting to break up a possible confrontation.

After the fundraiser, Alfred visited Bruce in the Batcave to bring him food and drink whilst he decrypted the data drive Catwoman had stolen. Whilst they investigated the drive, he suggested not to associate with Falcone and observed investigations into Catwoman. Alfred also showed concern over Bruce's life as Batman, especially the possibility that someone discovered his identity, and informed him that Oswald Cobblepot had been at the fundraiser. Passing on meeting arrangements at Cobblepot Park, Alfred advised Bruce to be careful, due to Oswald's criminal past and the area's reputation.

During the press conference announcing the commissioning of a mental health facility to replace Arkham Asylum, a GCPD taskforce led by Lt. Gordon arrived to collect files on Wayne Enterprises, in light of allegations against Thomas and Bruce. Alfred texted Bruce to let him know during the conference and later called, requesting he returned to Wayne Manor. At Bruce's request, he kept an eye on the search party to make sure that they collected necessary documents and nothing related to Batman's activities. It's possible that he was the one who let Vicki Vale into Wayne Manor to talk to Bruce, although very unlikely. After she left, Alfred discussed the warrant with Bruce and suggested he talked to Harvey about it.

Whilst Bruce (as Batman) investigated an address given to him by Selina Kyle, Alfred remained on communicated and consulted him on the investigation of a shootout there. He also programmed the Bat-Drones to locate Falcone, after the criminal's calling card was discovered on the scene. Alfred also witnessed Batman's interrogation of a mercenary found on the scene and was horrified by his methods. When Bruce returned, Alfred scolded him for his use of violence and told him not to do so. Discussing his parents' legacy on Gotham, Alfred told him to build up his own legacy and not to forget the reasons why he became Batman, handing the Monarch Theatre tickets for him to take or destroy.

Shortly afterwards, the Batcomputer finished decrypting the drive, revealing that it contained a full manifest of Falcone's criminal activities. With this information at their hands, Alfred suggested Bruce hand the evidence to either Gordon or Vale and expose the crime lord's dealings. Regardless of who Bruce chooses to give it to, he stood by his decision. Afterwards, Alfred informed him that Falcone had been located at the Skyline Club. As Bruce prepared to attack the clubs as Batman, Alfred helped him plan out the encounter and assisted via the Bat-Drones.

After the encounter, Alfred watched Jack Ryder's report on the allegations on the Gotham City News. When Bruce returned, he confronted Alfred on what he had learned and demanded he revealed the truth about his parents.

Children of Arkham

The next morning, Alfred arrived in Crime Alley to find Bruce at the area his parents' had been murdered by Joe Chill. Alfred unveiled the morning's paper, which presented a headline on his father's dealings. He then admitted to hiding the truth from Bruce, hoping that he would turn out differently from his father and not become a criminal, and told him a summarization of his partnership with Falcone and Hill. He claimed everything he had done had been out of the surrogate love for Bruce and told him how he had almost left his father's employment, but had stayed after he learnt of their deaths. He begged Bruce for forgiveness, something he can either give, not do or ask for more time to do so.

Deciding to reinvestigate his parents' murder, Bruce recalled their murder at Chill's hands, though Alfred noticed a number of gaps in his recollection. As he reach the part where his parents' had died, something he had previously avoided, Alfred encouraged Bruce to remember that moment. Afterwards, Bruce realized that his parents had been assassinated and suspected Falcone to be involved.

After Falcone's murder at the GCPD, Bruce got in contact with Alfred to inform him and collect data to the Batcomputer. He then collected images of Sgt. Montoya, the cop who shot Falcone, including evidence of a chemical agent being injected into her. When Bruce to the Batcave, Alfred presented a full analysis of the drug, including a comparison with a sample recovered from the Docks. He also commented on the irony of Falcone's death and asked Bruce whether he had learnt anything from Falcone.

As they analyzed the chemical, Alfred wondered what the creators of the drug might do, dreading the possibilities. He also helped Bruce triangulate Oswald's location, who they believed to be involved. After discovering him, he suggested that Bruce talk to Oswald. Later, after learning that Oswald was targeting Selina Kyle, Catwoman's identity, Bruce asked Alfred to track her down, finding her at the Stacked Deck bar in Otisburg.

Alfred later was contacted by Bruce after her recovered one of Penguin's henchmen and asked him to analyze data from the phone. He managed to find a number of messages, all from Hill to Penguin and his men. Deciding to visit Hill, Alfred suggested that he could go a himself of Batman, the former option being more subtle, but may need to be very persuasive to get Hill to talk, whilst the latter could get Hill talking, but Batman's reputation could be damaged, especially after how he chose to deal with Falcone.

After Bruce returned from collecting information from Hill, Alfred helped him prepare for a predicted attack against the Mayor and tipped the GCPD about the attack. If Bruce chose to go as Batman, Alfred will tell him that word of his visit got out to Gordon, reducing his trust in the vigilante. Alfred helped analyze the phone, revealing plans for the Monarch Theatre, the venue for the debate. Alfred also consulted Bruce on the information he had learnt about his father, worrying about the toll it had on him. After Bruce realized that the images were not changing, the two quickly deduced that Penguin's men had commandeered the cameras. Bruce told Alfred to alert Gordon whilst he ran down to stop Penguin.

If Batman chooses to save Selina instead of Dent, Alfred later be shown observing Harvey in his hospital bed with Bruce. As they discuss the effects it may have on Harvey, Alfred brings up a news report by Jack Ryder, reporting on the reveal of more of Thomas' victims.

New World Order

A week later, Alfred saw a light with a bat shine over GCPD headquarters and informed Bruce. Later, when Batman visited Gordon and learnt about Dent and Montoya's situations, he contacted Alfred and asked for him to find them. Alfred patched him through to Lucius, who informed him of the upgrades to the Bat-drones and how to use them. After Bruce helped either Dent or Montoya, he contacted Alfred to give him an update on the situation he chose not to help, revealing his suspicions that the GCPD's communications systems had been hacked. When these were later confirmed, he asked him to send data he gathered from a Children of Arkham member's radio. Alfred showed concern over the GCPD's inability to communicate and what would happen should the public learn about this.

The next morning, Bruce sent a message to Alfred telling him to inform Gordon to stop using the communications systems with Wayne Tech in them. After Bruce was forced to step down from his position of CEO at Wayne Enterprises, Alfred tried to consult him and informed him that Gordon was unable to investigate Oswald, who had replaced Bruce as Wayne Enterprises' CEO, as they were unable to find a criminal record. As they observed possible targets for the Children of Arkham's compromise of Wayne Tech, filtering information based on known Children of Arkham activity. After either learning that Harvey could be compromised or having seen all the possible targets, Bruce left to inform his friend, Bruce asked Alfred to keep an eye on the targets and inform Lucius.

After Bruce found out Vicki Vale had interviewed the "leader of the Children of Arkham", he contacted Alfred. Suspecting a connection between her and the Children of Arkham, he advised Bruce to get contact her and find out her source. If Bruce told her about Montoya's involvement with the assassination of Falcone, Alfred will advise him to contact her as himself, as the GCPD would be investigating her and Bruce may fall under their suspicion if they find out he was the one who leaked in information. Deciding to go as Batman, Alfred scrambled the line for Bruce as he contacted Vicki and made arrangements to meet her at Cobblepot Park.

After Bruce was able to get her to give a location for the interview, a Skytrain depot on the Highland Line. With the area being quiet, Alfred advised Bruce be cautious, as they predicted there would be Children of Arkham members there. As Batman observed the depot, he put evidence through to Alfred to either consult with or search up. They deduced that they were planning an attack on Mercy Street with an improved version of the drug, which could impact the victim when exposed to their skin. Alfred soon spotted a train arrive, giving Bruce enough time to hide in the rafters of the building. The last thing Bruce told him that night was seeing the Children of Arkham, their leader, Lady Arkham, and Catwoman arrive at the depot, having procured enough chemicals to mix another batch of their drug.

After the fight with Lady Arkham, Bruce was unable to contact Alfred, due to the injuries he sustained during the fight. Panicked, he would try to contact Bruce throughout the night, though only got an answer in the morning. After learning that Bruce had stayed at Selina's following an injury, Alfred advised that Bruce investigated her to know whether she was trustworthy. It is unknown whether he contacted him after his fight with Harvey or before the Wayne Enterprises press conference.

Guardian of Gotham

If Bruce chooses to make a phone call during the riot at Arkham, he can call Alfred and ask him to mobilize his lawyers to get him out of the asylum. Alfred shows joy to hear from Bruce and that he has not been able to contact Bruce since his incarceration. At Bruce's request, he contacts the family's lawyers and posts a bail. This is successful and Alfred is able to get permission to take Bruce out of the asylum.

Some time afterwards, possibly later that day, Alfred arrived at Arkham to take Bruce out, due to the Bruce's lawyers being able to place Bruce into his care or a deal between him and James Gordon. As they left the Asylum, a patient called out to Bruce, causing Alfred to wonder what had happened.

As they returned to Wayne Manor, Bruce informed Alfred that Vicki Vale was actually Lady Arkham. Though shocked at the revelation, Alfred was happy that Bruce was able to leave the asylum before their plans could continue. He then told Bruce what had happened in Gotham since he was incarcerated and how public opinion on Bruce Wayne had dropped significantly. If Bruce suggested Selina left Gotham, Bruce will tell him about the text, with Alfred happy she was still in contact with him. As they pulled up to a checkpoint, Dent's enforcers held them up to prevent them from leaving, either purposely or at Bruce's protests for them to search the car. With civilians getting violent and the enforcers refusing the let them through without a bribe, the two were otherwise trapped. If Bruce tells him to ram through the barricade, Alfred does so, despite hesitating at first.

After arriving back, the two went to the Batcave, though Alfred was unsure whether Bruce was fit to go out into the field again, especially with his experience in Arkham and with Lady Arkham's drug still affecting him. He helped Bruce (with Lucius, if he was asked to work for him) synthesize a cure to the chemical and administer it. They then worked to find Vale and her chemical agent, with Bruce deciding to use a tip he had gotten from someone in Arkham, something which Alfred objected to. After tracking down Vicki's adopted parents, the Vales, Bruce went as Batman to investigate, though Alfred advised caution if he did find her.

When Bruce arrived, he discovered the Vales were dead, having been murdered by Vicki earlier that day, and that she was storing her drug in her father's oil and heating company. Whilst relaying this information to Alfred, he discovered the Vale's foster son to be alive. When told about it, Alfred advised Bruce to be cautious and not to be aggressive around the child.

Later, Bruce returned to the Batcave after one of his Bat-Stunners failed to work during an attack from Penguin. Depending on whether Lucius was asked to stay at Wayne Enterprises or work for Bruce, he will ask Alfred to either call him or summon him to the cave to help diagnose the issue. After learning on that Penguin was hacking the Bat Tech and deciding on how they were to deal with it, Alfred learnt that Harvey planned to take Wayne Manor by force. After letting Bruce know, he advised that he talked to his friend, either as himself or Batman.

Later, Alfred informed Bruce that Harvey and his enforcers were pulling up the Wayne Manor, in the hopes of taking it over. However, at the same time, Penguin's hacks were getting more effective, meaning most of the tech could be compromised by the end of the night. Depending on whoever Bruce chooses to stop, two possibilities will happen to Alfred.

If Bruce chooses to stop Oswald, he asks Alfred to close off the Batcave to make sure Harvey does not find it and hide there until he comes back. Alfred survives the attack on Wayne Manor relatively unharmed, though it is unknown whether he fought with Harvey and his enforcers.

If Bruce chooses to stop Harvey, he tells Alfred that he will be there shortly to help. Whilst Harvey and his men break in, Alfred stands guard with a rifle, refusing to let him take over the manor. When Bruce arrives as Batman, knocking out one of the enforcers, Alfred shoots another in the leg and takes cover whilst he deals with the others.

However, when Batman is captured by them, he prevents Harvey from executing him by shooting him in the shoulder, causing the mayor to turn his attentions to Alfred. With his gun jammed, he can only watch as Harvey decides on how to execute him. However, before he can do so, Batman summons a cloud of bats into the manor to distract the enforcers. Now free, he throws a batarang into Harvey's gun, jamming it and causing it to explode. With the threat of death seemingly gone, Alfred takes cover whilst Batman deals with Harvey and his remaining men.

When Bruce returns, having handed Harvey and his men to Gordon, Alfred informs him that the Batcomputer has been compromised. Bruce decides to cut the Batcomputer off, disabling his tech but saving his gadgets. Alfred watches as he does so.

City of Light

Depending on the decision made in the previous episode, two possibilities will happen to Alfred.

If Bruce chose to stop Penguin from compromising his tech, Alfred remains in Batcave for the next five days. After hearing that Harvey has hostages, who he will continue to execute until Bruce shows up, they decide that going as himself would be the better way of dealing with the insane mayor, with Alfred suggesting its advantages. During Bruce's talk to Harvey, Alfred operates the Bat-Drones, using them to incapacitate two of Dent's men and allowing Bruce to get closer. Later, after Harvey is taken away by the GCPD, Alfred arrives in the Batcave with tea for Bruce, but informs him that the entire pantry and most of the manor has been destroyed by Harvey and his men.

If Bruce chose to stop Harvey from taking Wayne Manor, he and Alfred are now using lower tech during his operations as Batman, including mobile phones and computers not connected to Wayne Tech. After Commissioner Grogan dies during a fight with the Children of Arkham, Bruce contacts Alfred to check in with him and discuss plans. However, after learning that Penguin is setting up a trap in Cobblepot Park, Bruce tells Alfred that he will be confronting him as Bruce Wayne, hoping to get close and distract him. He also tells Alfred to hand over all their files on Oswald and to get him to the park to help Bruce deal with him. Afterwards, Alfred checks on Bruce as he repairs the Batcomputer and re-establishes his Bat Tech. After hearing the news, he reassures Bruce that he will be able to stop Lady Arkham, with or without his tech.

Following this, he checked that Bruce was not too emotionally disturbed, especially on how he had felt about confronting both Harvey and Oswald in a matter of days and learning about his father's double life. When Bruce tried to reassure him, he admitted to feeling guilt for standing by whilst Thomas had destroyed many lives and how he could have stopped him. He also told him about how his mother had wanted to put and end to these crimes and that, if he had helped her, they might have been able to stop him. Bruce can either reassure him, telling him he is not responsible, scold him for not doing so, decide to focus on stopping the Children of Arkham or remain silent. Regardless, they decided to focus on figure out Lady Arkham's plans and stop them.

Using Bruce's restored title as CEO of Wayne Enterprises and everything they know about Lady Arkham, they were able to deduce that her plan is to attack a Gotham landmark, using codes provided to the Children of Arkham by Penguin. However, with Cobblepot now incarcerated, the group would need to perform the job themselves. In the midst of the investigation, they learnt that Selina had broken into Wayne Tech's R&D to retrieve an electronic skeleton key. Whilst Bruce went to stop her, Alfred stayed at the manor.

Whilst he was gone, Lady Arkham attacked Wayne Manor, hoping to kidnap Alfred. After barricading himself in the Manor's parlor, he phoned Bruce to tell that she was there before being cut off. Fending his attackers off with pool cues, Alfred was eventually incapacitated when Lady Arkham blasted furniture into him with her concussion staff. After they captured him, they left a password and address for Bruce to use and took Alfred to the Vale Residence.

Upon arrival, Lady Arkham filmed a message for Bruce, informing him that they were going to kill Alfred. However, knowing that the Batcomputer could use reflections to recreate a room and learn where it was located, Alfred used his glasses to create reflections, hoping that they could be used to help Bruce find him. He was then forced to endure the abuse Vicki Vale was given by the Vales, including kept in a makeshift cell and beaten. Whilst there, Alfred learnt that the Children of Arkham planned to break into Arkham and release the inmates. Using chalk the same color as the Bat Tech, he left a message for Bruce in the cell.

Alfred was later taken out and brought to Arkham by Vale and taken to the underground ruins under the asylum. There, he was left tied to a patient trolley within an old chamber. He waited there for Bruce to arrive, during which he was tortured and attacked by Lady Arkham. When Batman arrived, Alfred showed his gratitude for his arrival, having believed he would arrive. As he tried to free him, Vale, now unmasked because of a fight with Batman, appeared and forced him back. Realizing that there was a close connection between the two, Vicki threatened to kill Alfred unless Batman unmasked himself, something which Alfred protested against. Depending on the decision made, what happens to Alfred will change.

If Batman refuses to unmask himself, he frees Alfred by throwing a Batarang at his restraints. Now freed, he attacks Vicki, but loses his eye when it is blasted out with her concussion staff. Whilst Batman fights Lady Arkham, Alfred lays among the rubble. After the battle is finished, they try to escape, but Alfred notices Vicki try to leave. Though they are unable to reach her, they manage to escape whilst the chamber crumbles around them. A week later, the two celebrate stopping Lady Arkham and the Children of Arkham whilst recovering from their injuries. Alfred either gives Bruce a postcard that has come through that morning, from Selina, or equires about contact he has had with her. Alfred thanks Bruce for saving his life and stopping Lady Arkham from killing him. However, he finds it hard to get use to using only one eye and struggles to pick up a bottle, causing him to worry that he may not be able to continue his services to Bruce, who promises to find a way of helping him.

If Batman decides to unmask himself, Alfred initially screams not to, but this turns to a whimper when he does. When Vicki attacks Bruce, she knocks Alfred aside whilst they fight. After the fight, Bruce recovers him from the wreckage and the two escape. Whilst leaving, Alfred sees Vicki try to escape and tells Bruce. Though they are unable to reach her, they manage to escape whilst the chamber crumbles around them. A week later, the two celebrate stopping Lady Arkham and the Children of Arkham whilst recovering from their injuries. Alfred either gives Bruce a postcard that has come through that morning, from Selina, or equires about contact he has had with her. Alfred thanks Bruce for saving his life, but worries that, if Vicki might of survived, his identity would have been at risk. He also shows concern over his ear, which was damaged during the fight, and chuckles upon hearing Dr. Thompkins' comments about it.

Whilst watching the report, Alfred assures Bruce that they will get through the situation and be able to recover from the events that have unfolded. Sharing a toast to either friends, peace or remaining silent, he tells Bruce on how Gordon, who has now been appointed as Commissioner, has asked the powerful in Gotham to aside him, in the hopes that they could rebuild the city. He suggests that going as himself could help rebuild the Wayne reputation whilst going as Batman, a symbol of justice, could show more support to Gordon. Whichever identity Bruce decides to go as, Alfred will stand beside and support him when needed.

Batman: Sins of the Father

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Batman: The Enemy Within

The Enigma

During the months after Lady Arkham's defeat, Alfred continued to support Bruce in his operations as Batman. However, his PTSD began to reemerge, causing his hands to shake at random times. When Bruce investigated Gotham based arms dealer Rumi Mori, Alfred monitored from the Batcomputer. When Mori was approached by a man in a hood, Alfred recognized his as the Riddler and warned Bruce. He also contacted Gordon and put him in contact with Bruce as he suited up as Batman.

After Bruce returned to the Batcave, Alfred helped investigate a puzzle box left by the Riddler and brought up as much information as he could find on the Agency and the Riddler. After a tremor in his muscles, brought on by the PTSD, prevented him from accessing the computer, Bruce took over and did so himself. Alfred also helped Bruce solve the Riddler's puzzle box, having heard the riddle provided before (but had forgotten the answer) and helped debunk answers that were incorrect. He also contacted Lucius after they were able to solve the puzzle box.

Two weeks after the death of Lucius, Alfred attended his funeral with Bruce, the two of them angered at what the Riddler had done. After they discussed what Bruce would do with the Riddler, Alfred suggested that he comforted Lucius' daughter, Tiffany, who had just started her career at Wayne Enterprises on the day of the attack. Alfred sat separately from Bruce during the sermon, but kept an eye on him and "John Doe", the patient at Arkham who provided Bruce with the lead to locate Lady Arkham and her drugs. Afterwards, he met up with Bruce and asked whether they could trust him, but stood by his decision to investigate a lead to the Riddler's location.

Alfred would be in the Batcave when Batman investigated the criminal's lair, but lost contact when he and Gordon were sealed within it. When they successfully solved the Riddler's death trap, Alfred was able to gain contact and was able to listen into the Riddler's conversation with Bruce. When he returned, Alfred told him his suspicions that Gordon may be able to deduce Bruce's identity and that they needed to be careful. He listened to Bruce as he deduced Riddler's plan to target the various agents and came up with a solution to stop him. When Bruce rewatched a recording of Lucius' death to get a clear version of the missile guiding signal, Alfred asked to also watch it, something he can either allow or deny him to. If Alfred watches it, he suffers a panic attack when he sees that Lucius knew he was going to die and asks it to be turned to audio. He then leaves to make tea.

When Alfred returned to the cave, Bruce had managed to reconstruct the signal and made plans to redirect to use a drone, created by Tiffany, to redirect them. When they discussed how to locate the Riddler, he suggested using Eli Knable, though warned that this would show him cooperating with Amanda Waller and damage Batman's reputation with Gordon. When Bruce learnt about using Mori through John, Alfred warned that doing so may compromise his identity. Regardless of the choice, he will stand by Bruce.

After arriving in the casino, Alfred helps Bruce identify agents sent by Waller to keep an eye on Mori. He also, at Bruce's request, issues a fake order to them to search the area, to give Bruce and Mori a bit of privacy. After he get a drive from the arms dealer, Alfred investigates the drive to find Riddler's location. After finding evidence that he is hiding on a ship called the Lady of Dublin, he directs Bruce to it and informs Gordon to send the GCPD to the ship.

The Pact

After Bruce was injured during a fight with Bane, Alfred prepared the medical bay to look at his injuries and find a way of helping him. They also observed the records from another two heists that took place, one lead by Harleen Quinzel and another by an unidentified assailant. Deciding that it would be best to investigate the Pact by infiltrating it, Alfred warned Bruce the dangers that could come and how this could affect his personal reputation. He also advised him to wait until he healed from his fight with Bane, but this was quickly put down, due to the urgency needed to figure out the Pact's plans.

After Bruce, Doe and Quinzel broke into Wayne Enterprises, Alfred arranged both medical care and leave for a guard that had been injured in the attack and installed dummy footage to prevent Bruce from being implicated. However, he worried about Regina Zellerbach, whom had encountered Bruce during the heist, and Tiffany having seen discovered the gadget vault. After talking with Bruce about what had happened, he remained at the Manor when he answered the Batsignal. During this time, he also made an update to Bruce's contact lenses, allowing their thermal vision to pick up sub-zero temperatures.

Fractured Mask

When Bruce suited up as Batman to answer the Batsignal, Alfred monitored his communications systems and listened as Gordon made accusations about Bruce Wayne. He also heard about his intentions to set up an assault for Catwoman. Though he understood that informing Ms. Kyle would allow her to escape uninjured, he also told Bruce that if he did so, he could lose Gordon's trust. Regardless of the decision make, he stands beside Bruce's judgment. Alfred later ordered a Batsuit to be dropped off for Bruce after "John" tried to steal the laptop from Harley Quinn.

If Bruce had not informed Selina of the ambush, she will appear at Wayne Manor and ask Alfred for treatment from a "motorcycle accident". Alfred is able to patch her up, though later tells Bruce about what has happened. However, if Bruce tries to steal the retinal goggles from Selina, this results in a fight that ends with her being injured further, he will chastise Bruce for doing so, claiming that she had come for help and he had only caused more disruption.

Alfred was present when Bruce tried to access the Riddler's laptop, providing tea for him whilst he did so. He also told Bruce about the update, strongly advising that they brought someone else into the fold about his operations. If Bruce had invited Selina into the Batcave, Alfred enquires why and whether there is any other purpose, rather than just professional. However, if he didn't, Alfred will be present as he investigates the laptop. During the investigation, Alfred gets into an argument with Bruce, telling him to stop distancing himself from other people and get help with their operations.

When Bruce investigated the Bodhi Spa, Alfred looked into information about it and set up contact with Waller. However, he remained signed off for the conversation, though it remains unknown whether he knew about Bruce either blowing his cover or sacrificing Selina to stop the Pact.

What Ails You

If Bruce chooses to give himself up as the traitor, he will contact Alfred after managing to escape Freeze's cryo-chamber. He asks him to get in contact with the Agency and relays his findings as he infiltrates the Bodhi Spa as Batman.

Whilst investigating the Pact's lair, Bruce would send over a bioscan of the Riddler's degrading body for Alfred to run simulations of Project LOTUS. As he investigated, Alfred discovered that though it would cure the victim of physical ailments, it would cause severe psychological damage by the time it reached the brain. Whilst setting out tea for Bruce to drink when he returned, Alfred fell unconscious for an unknown amount of time.

When Bruce returned, he tried to revive Alfred. During this, Alfred seemed delusional, believing he was confronting Thomas on his ties to Falcone and Hill and his activities in Arkham. When he came to, he apologized to Bruce and was helped up off the floor. After presenting his findings to Bruce, he suggested he took some time away from the crusade, suggesting he went on vacation. Deciding to call a doctor to look at him, Bruce helped him upstairs to meet with Tiffany. Depending on whether Bruce told Tiffany about his activities as Batman, the following will happen.

After calling for a doctor to examine him, Alfred is comforted by Bruce and Tiffany. During the conversation, Tiffany asks Bruce about the severity of his fall, though Alfred tries to shift the conversation away from it. When she reveals that she has been offered a job at the Agency, Alfred suggests against it, commenting that Lucius wouldn't have wanted her to get involved with Waller. When Bruce is called away to investigate a lead, Alfred stays behind, promising to wait for him. If Bruce revealed he was Batman to Tiffany, he will also fill her in on his activities as the vigilante.

After calling a doctor to examine him, Alfred is comforted by Bruce and Tiffany. During the conversation, Tiffany asks Bruce the severity of his fall, though Alfred tries to shift the conversation away from it. When she reveals a number of devices she has designed for Bruce, Alfred remains uninvolved. However, when she reveals the design for a gun, he tells her about Bruce's rule against using firearms. When Bruce is called away to investigate a lead, Alfred stays behind, promising to wait for him.

If Bruce is unable to trust "John Doe", Alfred gives him a news feed from the Gotham Bridge and offers him advice on the situation.

Same Stitch

Depending on whether John Doe has become either a vigilante or a villain, the following will happen to Alfred.

If John has become the vigilante Joker, Alfred is called to help Bruce after another battle with Bane. Meeting him and Joker in an alleyway, Alfred is introduced to the new vigilante and acts reserved whilst he is asked personal questions about Bruce. If Bruce did not unmask himself during their confrontation with Lady Arkham, Joker will also make a number of pirate jokes towards Alfred. After getting out a medical kit for Bruce to tend to his injuries with, Alfred performs maintenance on the Batsuit. He later applies disinfectant to one of Joker's injuries, after he complains about it. Whilst Bruce discusses people to get information to blackmail Amanda Waller with, Alfred gives him other insights before they agree to contact Special Agent Iman Avesta.

When Bruce returns to the Batcave after being severely injured during a confrontation between himself, Joker, the Agency and former members of the Pact, Alfred tends to his wounds and gives him medical assistance. When Bruce recovers, he informs him about his injuries, how he has arrived back in the Batcave and the Joker's actions since their encounter on the roof. Alfred advises Bruce to hand Joker over to the authorities, realizing how dangerous the new vigilante is and that he is unlikely to stand down, and tells him about how he is indirectly responsible for his actions. Alfred then helps him off the table to help him track down Joker.

If Bruce told Tiffany his identity, Alfred reveals that she has taken up a vigilante identity to help him locate Joker and fight crime in Gotham. When Bruce objects to her becoming one, Bruce asks him to at least consider her part to the crusade, telling him how she has his drive and passion. Helping him to the Batcomputer, they reviewed information about the authorities' search for Joker and his associates. After Bruce decides to return to the water tower where Riddler had set up his lair, the site of Joker's debut, Alfred gives him some pain killers to help him concentrated.

If John has become the villain Joker, Alfred is contacted by Bruce when he and Harley Quinn let off the LOTUS virus through Wayne Enterprises. Working with him and possibly Tiffany, Alfred helps Bruce track down the location of a dispenser location. When he loses contact with Bruce at the disused Ace Chemical Processing Plant, he is contacted by Joker to come to the Bonus Brothers Carnival to help Bruce. In an effort to help him, Alfred makes scones, purposely hiding a Bat-Stunner in one and burning it, to help Bruce decide. Arriving shortly after Joker and Harley begin the "family meal", Alfred presents the group with the scones and takes a seat at the dinner table. When Joker forces Bruce, Alfred and the others to go through a game of "Never Have I Ever", he has Alfred choose out the first card and admit to lying to Bruce about his father's ties to crime. He remains inactive during the rest of the game, but is shocked when Tiffany admits to have murdered Riddler in revenge for her father's death. When Bruce breaks free of his restraints, Alfred knocks out one of Joker's men with a tray and, with help from Selina and Tiffany, escape to call the GCPD.

Some time after the Joker's defeat, Alfred realized he felt powerless in Bruce's war on crime and that he had only lead him to the same self-destructive lifestyle that had ended his father's life. Deciding not to play a part in it any longer, he chose to leave Bruce's employ. When Bruce returned to the manor, Alfred told him about his feelings towards their crusade and, citing how they had created the Joker, were only making Gotham's criminals worse. After a heated argument, Alfred told Bruce that his PTSD was declining, after he had made the decision to leave vigilantism behind. He then prepared to leave, believing that Bruce would not be able to change. Depending on what Bruce decides to do, the following will happen.

If Bruce decides to let Alfred go or takes too long to made the decision, Alfred goes through with his decision to leave him. Giving Bruce some final information, he then leaves for Gotham Airport.

If Bruce decides to also leave his life as Batman behind, he tells Alfred of his intentions to follow him and asks him to stay. Promising only one night, Alfred agrees to remain behind and hugs Bruce.


Alfred had a clear sense of moral righteousness and integrity, something which created the distrust of Thomas Wayne. He cared dearly for others, particularly Bruce, whom he stayed in Gotham to raise after his parent's murder. He was loyal to his friend, refusing to let Two-Face into Wayne Manor despite the possibility that it would cost his own life. He seemed also to have a strong will, which led to hem leaving clues for Bruce to find him during his capture and torture at Lady Arkham's hands. However, Alfred worried dearly about the people closest to him, particularly if they were injured or killed. He also showed signs of post traumatic stress disorder, which became visible during the months after his capture and torture and even lead to him panicking whilst watching a video of Lucius Fox's death.

However, during their battle with the Pact, Alfred began to feel a sense of powerlessness within him. His relationship with Bruce began to deteriorate to the point of him leaving their war on crime. He also believed he had failed Bruce as not just a father figure, but as a friend as well. While Alfred still cared about Bruce, he chose to leave him rather than bury him as did his parents. However, if Bruce chooses to leave the life of vigilantism behind, Alfred agrees to stay one more night, showing his loyalty to his friend.



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  • This version of is similar to the version presented in Batman: Earth One, as he was ex-military and fired a gun to save Batman's life. However, that version of Alfred lost a leg and was a bodyguard to Bruce but posed as his butler.
  • In Batman: Sins of the Father, Alfred appears to retain his eye, implying that Bruce unmasking for his safety is considered canon.
  • Alfred's statement:" Sometimes, it's as if Batman creates the evil he means to destroy", actually does hold some value; Batman is indirectly responsible for Harvey Dent's possible disfigurement and decent into madness, Tiffany's assassination of Riddler out of revenge for Lucius' death after Bruce brought the puzzle box to his office which caused a missile to fire, and "John Doe" becoming the villain/vigilante Joker, who (was already drawn to violence) caused chaos in the city in order to get Bruce's attention.
    • However these events wouldn't have happened if Thomas Wayne didn't become a criminal in the first place.
  • Depending on the player's choice for the color of Batman's equipment, Alfred's message in the Vale's basement will change:
    • If Blue is chosen, it will read "She will liberate", with a drawing of inmates escaping Arkham Asylum.
    • If Red is chosen, it will read "She taking me", with a drawing of the words being connected to Arkham Asylum
    • If Yellow is chosen, it will read "Shall be unleashed", with a drawing of arrows pointing to Arkham Asylum.
    • If Purple is chosen, it will read "To Arkham", with a drawing of Alfred with Lady Arkham.