Elizabeth Marie "Beth" Kane, aka Alice is the twin sister of Kate Kane, daughter of Jacob and the late Gabi Kane, and cousin of Bruce Wayne. She is the leader of the Wonderland gang planning on taking over Gotham.



  • High Level Intellect: Beth is exceptionally intelligent, able to meticulously plan out and spot details in almost every possible scenario she comes up with. When looking at a file containing details about Ethan Campbell, she quickly deduced that he was really August Cartwright impersonating Campbell.
    • Master Tactician & Leader: Beth was able to attack highly secured places and bypass security measures with ease and swiftly adjusting to changing situations. Beth also effectively lead the Wonderland gang and was perfectly able to develop and orchestrate complex plots against her enemies. Beth is able to stay ahead of both the GCPD and the Crows, predicting their moves and using them to her advantage.
    • Master Manipulator: Even as she was near death, she cleverly manipulated the Crows into hunting her doppelgänger at Wayne Tower. Alice likes to play mind games with her family.
    • Medical Knowledge: At the age of 14, Beth was taught by her kidnapper and tormenter, August in the human anatomy so she could easily skin a living or a dead human being and preserve said skin. She was able to make Johnny look "normal" at her first try, a feat that August alone couldn't do.
    • Expert Interrogator/Torturer: Beth is a very effective interrogator and torturer, she also knew many different skinning techniques, most likely taught by August.
    • Toxicology: Beth is very proficient in toxicology and the use of poison.
  • Cellist: Beth was taught how to play Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude" by her father, Jacob Kane.
  • Formidable Hand to Hand Combatant: Beth is proven to be a fearsome hand to hand combatant, as she was able to match and nearly best Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman) a master hand to hand combatant and martial artist in her own right. She was also able to use her surroundings and a variety of improvised weaponry with great effect. During a second fight she was able to handily overpower Kate and knock her out. She also was able to kill two Crows operatives with her hands cuffed using a fishing line. Her own father, Jacob even considers her to be one of Gotham's most prolific killers.
    • Master Knife Wielder/Knife Thrower: Beth is an expert at knives, using them in close range fight against Batwoman and killing two cops with throwing knives with ease.
    • Talented Markswoman: Beth is skilled in the use of firearms; this is seen when she used a police officer's gun to shoot other guards in quick succession during her escape.
  • High Pain Intolerance: Beth has a high tolerance for pain; as she cut her palm with one of her knives to provide Kate with a DNA sample, without displaying any discomfort.
  • Intimidation: Beth has proven to be feared by the citizens of Gotham City up to the point that after she escaped from Crow's custody they started a massive riot outside the GCPD till they turn on the bat-signal, which was turned off after Batwoman was revealed to be a lesbian until the public demanded the signal to be turned back on.
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