"Find out what's so special about the alley at Pearl and Phillips Streets."
―Vicki Vale[src]

The Alley at Pearl and Phillips Streets behind the Monarch Theatre on Gotham Square.


Wayne MurdersEdit

Batman 1989 (J. Sawyer) - Young Bruce 2

Bruce Wayne stares down the barrel of a pistol.

Dr. Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha were murdered in this alley while escorting Bruce from a showing of Footlight Frenzy. The gunman, Jack Napier and his accomplice were never identified and the case was left unsolved by the GCPD.

Bruce's visitationEdit

Bruce returned to this place on the anniversary of his parents' murder, shortly before witnessing the assassination of Vinnie Ricorso. He was followed that by Vicki Vale, who later forwarded this information to Alexander Knox, asking him to look into the history of the alley. When Knox showed her Gotham Globe article archives, she saw a photo of a patrolman comforting Bruce in the alley. Vicki was stunned by the story, realizing this traumatic event shaped his paranoiac worldview enough to become the vengeful Batman.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Warren Skaaren shooting script refers to it as a "blind alley" on a "bad street." The Skarren revision also gives the date of the flashback as 1963. This location is based on Crime Alley where the mugger killed Batman's parents in DC Comics, but the filmmakers reframed from referring to it by that name, much like Axis Chemicals and Batman's car.

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