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"Almost Got 'Im" is the forty-sixth episode of the first season of Batman: The Animated Series. It originally aired on Fox Kids in the United States on November 10, 1992.


While hiding out from the police, the Joker, the Penguin, Two-Face, and Killer Croc gather at the criminals-only bar, the Stacked Deck, to play cards, swap stories, and share theories about their mutual nemesis. Two-Face doubts that Batman is one person. The Penguin theorizes that Batman suffered some crime-related trauma in the past, which is actually true. Killer Croc believes that Batman is a robot, much to the skepticism of the other villains. Poison Ivy then arrives, orders an herbal tea, and then joins the game. Soon after, all five of them begin to argue over who has come closest to killing Batman, and each tells their own story about how they "almost got im".

Poison Ivy's story[]

Poison Ivy placed poison gas inside pumpkins on Halloween, which went off when lit. When most of Gotham City started to feel the effects of the gas, Batman went to the city pumpkin patch to investigate. There, Ivy attacked Batman with the gas, successfully weakened him, and almost unmasked him. However, he programmed the Batmobile to run down Ivy and pulled an oxygen mask from the vehicle. Batman subsequently captured her.

Two-Face's story[]

Two-Face staged a robbery of the Gotham Mint for "$2,000,000 in two-dollar bills". Batman, in an attempt to stop the heist, was overpowered by Two-Face's henchmen, the "Two-Ton Gang". Two-Face flipped his coin to see whether he would kill Batman or let him live, with a negative "bad-heads" result. Batman lunged at Two-Face ineffectively and was restrained by his henchmen. Two-Face took Batman's utility belt, strapped him to a giant penny, and placed it on a catapult. If it landed face down, Batman would be squashed. If it landed face up, his bones would shatter. The coin was launched, and in midair, Batman cut himself free from the ropes using Two-Face's own coin, which he had managed to steal. Batman leaped clear of the giant penny's landing and apprehended the crooks. In return for apprehending Two-Face, much to his irritation, the Gotham Mint actually let Batman keep the giant penny, which wound up as a trophy in the Batcave.

Killer Croc's story[]

Killer Croc claims that he once was holed up in a quarry when Batman turned up. Batman approached Croc's hiding place, getting closer and closer... and then Croc threw a rock at him.

The other villains stare at Croc quietly for a moment, clearly unimpressed, and then turn away, continuing their stories. Dejected, Croc mutters, "It was a big rock".

The Penguin's story[]

The Penguin turned a zoo aviary into a home for dangerous birds in a plot to kill Batman. Pretending to attempt a break-in to the aviary caught Batman's attention, the Penguin sprayed Batman with a red gas out of his infamous "Umbrella Gun". Acting angry, as though the spray was useless, Penguin ducked into the aviary. As Batman gave chase, Penguin announced over a loudspeaker that in fact, the red gas was a nectar eaten by poison-beaked hummingbirds, which were released to attack Batman. After being bitten several times, Batman threw a batarang at a sprinkler, where the water grounded the small birds. Before Batman could inject himself with an antidote, he was attacked and viciously gashed by a cassowary. In desperation, Batman grabbed one of the poisoned hummingbirds and used it as a weapon to stab the cassowary, incapacitating it. Batman chased after the Penguin outside, but the villain escaped, flying away via his umbrella helicopter.

The Joker's story[]

The Joker and his gang took over and blocked off the set of a Gotham City late-night talk show, his gang holding the audience hostage. Batman went to save the people in the set but was overpowered and strapped to a "laugh-powered electric chair" which would fry him with electricity that rose in voltage the more the audience laughed. The Joker then took over the show as host. With the audience being forced to laugh at gunpoint, the Joker wanted more 'honest' laughter, and pumped the studio with laughing gas until "these people would laugh at the phone book". He then had his assistant Harley Quinn read names out of the phone book to elicit more laughter from the crowd. During this time, the Joker got so confident that he took out a sausage and began cooking it with the chair's steadily increasing electricity until Catwoman broke into the studio and attacked him. While being thrown back, Joker dropped the metal rod he was using to hold the sausage right on Batman's lap. Too distracted at this point with Catwoman, nobody saw Batman use the rod to escape from the chair — too late, as the Joker was already fleeing the studio. Catwoman, starting to gain on him, was knocked out from behind by Harley Quinn. Then, to prove there is more than one way to 'get' Batman, he instructed Harley to take Catwoman to a cat food factory. The Joker himself decided to hide out at the Stacked Deck for a while to lose Batman. Joker explains to the other villains, much to their horror, that he is getting ready to go meet Harley at the factory and turn Catwoman into cat food to deliver to Batman the following morning.


At this point, Killer Croc stands up saying "I don't think so" in a different voice, and proceeds to throw the Joker across the room, revealing himself to be Batman in disguise. However, it would seem Batman placed himself in great danger to get this information, as he now finds himself alone in a bar confronted by his deadliest foes, all too eager to get him and in a perfect position to do so. Unfortunately for the villains, however, Batman literally turned the tables on them. Batman gives a signal and suddenly, the villains are confronted with multiple loaded guns as it is revealed that every other patron of the bar is a police officer, among them Harvey Bullock and Commissioner Gordon. It was all a sting operation. As the villains are arrested, Batman goes to the cat food factory to find Catwoman, bound, gagged, and strapped to a conveyor belt. Batman successfully manages to both save Catwoman and apprehend Harley Quinn.

Batman and Catwoman thank each other for their respective saves. Catwoman makes a pass at Batman and implores him to reveal his identity to her, only to turn and find he has pulled one of his trademark disappearing acts. Catwoman then smiles, shakes her head, and muses, "Hmm. Almost got im".



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