An Innocent Guy is a short story, featured in the Batman: Black and White anthology series. Written and illustrated by Brian Bolland, the story follows "an innocent guy" as he admits his desires to do something bad and a plan to murder Batman. Though initially published in Black and White with other stories in the series, the story was later republished in color within the deluxe edition of Batman: The Killing Joke.


The story opens with an unidentified young man filming himself talking about his mundane life. Considering himself "a good person", he reveals his desires to do "something bad" just for once, believing that most people are "good" because they are afraid of what will happen to them. Describing briefly a fantasy about kidnapping a little girl and leaving her to die in an old abandoned sewer, he instead reveals that he ditched this idea for something "bigger" by killing a person so big that he'll be remembered for it. For the sake of convenience, he decides to target the city's least protected celebrity: Batman.

Having access to a firearm through his father's weapons collection, the guy then speaks of his fantasy to track down Batman to the Batcave or intercept him after an encounter with one of his rogues gallery, such as Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Terrible Trio or the Penguin. After getting somewhere where he shoot him without being noticed, he then comments how he gets kills the vigilante, leaving no evidence on the scene.

Proclaiming himself a fan of the vigilante, the man then comments on how he would be known as the Dark Knight's "greatest enemy" and how he expects he would get away with it, due to his lack of motivation or evidence. After that, he talks about his fantasy life after killing Batman and live without having to worry about the blame.

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