Anthony Lund was one of six victims to Professor Pyg's unethical experiments to eliminate physical imperfections.


Possessing a deformity on the left ear due to minor ear agenesis, Anthony Lund was formerly married to a woman named Ophelia, although he ended up getting a divorce some time thereafter, also ingesting a ring with her name on it. As a result, he ended up taking to drinking heavily, which eventually resulted in his being diagnosed with alcoholism via hospital records. At some point, he later ended up with a hip replacement, which hadn't fully healed up by the time he was abducted.

He was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico when Professor Pyg's Circus of the Strange travelled through the area, resulting in his abduction. He was then brought over to Gotham City, where he was experimented on by Professor Pyg, the leader of the Circus, at the Pretty Doll Parlors, to make his Dollatrons. However, as Pyg deemed his physical deformities beyond even his abilities to fix, he ended up killing him with a heart attack caused by an overdose of painkillers and made sure to eliminate what little of his DNA he had left by exposing his fingerprints to acid. He then hung him near the Gauntlet bridge, with the words "Flawed" underneath his corpse and also placing an opera music player nearby.

Lund's body was later found by the GCPD around the time of Halloween, although because of the attack and resulting evacuation caused by Scarecrow, they weren't able to do any investigating before having to deal with the crime ridden streets and events caused by Scarecrow's threat. GCPD-officer Aaron Cash (Arkhamverse) later relayed this case to Batman for him to do when he has time.

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