Anton was a former member of Yuri Dimitrov's Thugs who supposedly founded the Batmen.


Batman: Gotham Knight

At some point in his life, Anton was made an errand bull for mob boss Yuri "the Russian" Dimitrov during the gang war between his thugs and rival mob boss Sal Maroni and his thugs for control of organized crime in Gotham City. While helping his boss hunt down Maroni at the docks, he became startled when Maroni's boat drove alongside the Russian's and crashed into it after getting hijacked by Batman. He and his fellow thugs were ordered to shoot out the Italian men's eyes but Batman swooped down attacked both crime families at once, with assistance from an advanced motion sensor that electromagnetically deflected their bullets.

The last to get knocked down, Anton was tripped over by the Russian, who kicked him viciously the side for foiling his escape but let the associate keep consciousness as Batman tried force a truce between the their gang and Maroni's. Unfortunately, one of Maroni's men, Guido, attempted to shoot the vigilante, but the bullet bounced off of the motion sensor field and instead hit Anton in the shoulder. The distressed Batman

The Dark Knight

Because of what Batman did to save his life, Anton was inspired by the vigilante's kindness to form a vigilante club, called the Batmen, to fight crime and corruption in Gotham. Among the recruits were ex-cop Brian Douglas, who was getting in a shower when he received a call from the young Russian man inviting him to join. During their last mission, he ad the Batmen interrupted a meeting between the Scarecrow and the Chechen in a parking garage and tried to exchange gunfire with them, but some of them ended up getting pounced on by the Chechen's rottweilers and sprayed with the Scarecrow's fear toxin. Anton himself went after the Chechen, who was escaping in his car, but was apprehended when the real Batman arrived and knocked him out. Along with the Scarecrow, he and his bat-masked followers were all left by the vigilante for pickup by the Gotham City Police Department.

Behind the scenes

  • Anton is identified by name and fleshed out in The Dark Knight's novelization. He may be unidentifiable in the film due to lack of corresponding actions in the novel.
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