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"Artifacts" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of The Batman.


Two adventurers begin the story by searching through a deep dark cave. One of the adventurers comes to the conclusion that it is the long lost Batcave. The other adventurer logs his journey, saying the date is August 8th, 3027.

As more scientists enter the broken Batcave, the two adventures, now named Moyer and Gray, watch as a fellow scientist begins to hack into the Batcomputer. The hacker says that the computer's technology is so archaic, it will be very difficult to crack. Gray comments that the hope of New Gotham is in that computer.

Moyer, who is a big fan of the legendary Batman, stumbles upon the Batmobile. Moyer is delighted and says it is exactly like her father explained it in his bedtime stories.

Time flashes back to 2027, Batman, now with a large scar across his eye, is talking to Oracle over the radio in the Batmobile.

Batman arrives at his destination: Mr. Freeze terrorizing the citizens of Gotham. Fries, since he is now upgraded goes by the name Freeze 2.0. Batman leaps out of his vehicle and begins to fight the Lillian.

When Wayne is beaten into the ground, he is called by Oracle who says that all of the planes into Gotham have been rerouted except for one. It is freezing over and out of fuel. The pilot is requesting assistance.

Batman acknowledges the pilots request and rushes to defeat Freeze. Batman shows his limitations in his old age when he struggles to pull Freeze 2.0 to the ground. The pilot loses control of his cargo plane and he prepares for a crash landing near Batman. The Dark Knight is out of time.

Back to 3027, the scientists manage to bring light into the dark Batcave. One of the men ask how the Batman was able to afford everything in the cave. Moyer predicts that, since the mansion above it belonged to Thomas Wayne, he must be the Batman. Martha, his wife, must be the Batgirl. Last, their young son Bruce is probably the Red Robin.

Back to the battle with Batman and Freeze in 2027, Nightwing arrives to assist the Dark Knight. Nightwing jumps into the crashing plane and extracts the pilot. Grayson hops out of the plane and descends with the pilot.

On the ground, Freeze and Batman continue to fight as the plane crashes into the ground. Nightwing hits the ground with the pilot and immediately rushes to his mentor. Grayson, noticing that Batman is injured, tells him that it might be time to retire. Batman says that he'll never retire and the man continues after Freeze.

Both Batman and Nightwing arrive at the same time to Freeze. The villain picks up a diamond from the crash and states that his plan is to use it in his Cryo-Cannon. The weapon is designed so that the entire city will remain cold forever.

Both heroes charge toward Fries but are too late. The machine has started and the buildings begin to freeze solid. The villain shoots Nightwing with his freeze gun, and Grayson freezes solid. Seeing his partner in such a state, Batman cannot pull himself up. Freeze approaches the beaten and old Batman with a charged freeze gun.

Back to the future, Gray states that they can no longer look at the artifacts. They need to find the cure for Fries' Cryo-Cannon. It is revealed that, on that fateful day in 2027, Freeze 2.0 won, and the entire city was engulfed in snow.

Gray moves on to the scientists working on the Batcomputer, they say that they will completely hack into it in a couple of minutes. Moyer notices an old wheel chair on its side next to the computer. She assumes it belongs to the old Alfred Pennyworth.

Time flashes back again. Moyer's prediction is proven wrong again as Oracle is shown in the wheelchair. Alfred, very old at the time, walks over to Oracle with a cane. Gordon then receives a call from her father, asking how she is doing. Barbara responds that she is doing fine and not to worry.

At the battle scene, Fries freezes Batman where he stands. In his final stand, Batman remotely orders the Batwing to fire on his position. Batman lay frozen solid in ice, no longer being able to move.

Freeze, feeling victorious, walks away from the two frozen heroes. The Batwing approaches in the sky and shoots at Batman as ordered. The missiles fly and hit Freeze, Batman, and Nightwing. The heroes are freed from the ice.

As Freeze 2.0 struggles to get up, Batman takes the time to attack the villain. Wayne picks up the diamond from the rubble and uses it to crack Freeze 2.0's protective glass. The glass shatters, and Batman sticks Fries with an antifreeze needle. The villain swats the hero off of him and tries to get back up. Freeze 2.0 is too weak to get back up. The Batwing spirals towards Freeze to ultimately stop him.

The Batwing crashes into Freeze's location, and both Batman and Nightwing rush towards the crash site. Freeze is missing. The mission is not over.

At Freeze 2.0's lab, he stumbles not too far before crashing on the ground. Fries crawls to a bed and states that he will cryogenically freeze himself. Then, the people of the future will wake him, so that he may reawaken in a world without the Batman.

In the future, Gray talks to one of the scientists. They were unsuccessful in hacking into the Batcomputer. In frustration, Gray punches one of the walls and notices an imprint on his fist. It is binary code. Batman knew the people of the future wouldn't be able to hack into his computer so he wrote all the information in binary code on the walls! New Gotham might have a chance!

The scientists read the binary code to find a video made by Batman himself. The scientists watch the video for the information they need.

In the city, the real problem has been revealed. Freeze 2.0 has reawoken. He is terrorizing the city like he did 1,000 years ago. Freeze laughs about a world without Batman.

Suddenly, the Batman swoops down from one of the high buildings. Freeze screams with terror. The Batman couldn't have survived 1,000 years! The Dark Knight cracks the villain's glass yet again with the antifreeze solution. Freeze 2.0 falls to the ground, defeated.

Several more Batmen surround the first. The heroes are revealed to be the scientists in disguise. They thank the Batman for his help and for never refusing to help Gotham.

The Batcave is soon transformed into a vigilante headquarters lead by the scientists. The Batcave now has the most advanced technology and, in the back of the cave, lies a large statue dedicated to the original hero, the Batman.

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  • This episode was formally titled "TB-129".
  • This episode is partly inspired by Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and by Tom Stoppard's Arcadia (play).
  • Batgirl becomes Oracle and Robin becomes Nightwing.
  • Mr. Freeze's spider-like appearance was an homage to Mr. Freeze's appearance in The New Batman Adventures episode "Cold Comfort".
  • Due to historical records being lost or distorted, Thomas Wayne is believed to be the Batman, Martha is believed to be Batgirl (misnamed Batwoman) and young Bruce is believed to be Robin (misnamed Red Robin). Interestingly, according to earlier comics, Thomas was dressed as a "Bat-Man" for Halloween or a costume party depending on the retelling. In the Silver Age, Bruce was Robin as a kid; while during the Sins of Youth event, where the adults and kids switched age, Bruce became Robin while Tim Drake is Batman to maintain the illusion.


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