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Alfonso Vincenzo Giuseppe Face, better known by his criminal alias "Baby Face", is an enemy of Batman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, voiced by Tom Kenny. He is a lot like a stereotypical gangster, complete with a voice similar to Edward G. Robinson. As his name implies, he has the face of an infant.


Baby Face first appeared in the teaser to Journey To the Center of the Bat, where he attempts a bank heist, only to be defeated by Batman, Plastic Man, and Elongated Man. He returns in Night of the Huntress as the main villain, where he has married a woman with a masculine face named Manfreda Donatella Face, also known as Mrs. Manface. The two engineer a jailbreak and free Skeleton Keys, Polecat Perkins, Hammer Toes, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Lazy Eyes begs Baby Face to break him out, but Baby Face refuses, stating that Lazy Eyes is of no use to him as a lookout. The gang then steal confiscated robotic suits, but are defeated by Batman, Blue Beetle, and the Huntress. Baby Face was seen among the criminals mesmerized by the Music Meister's singing in Mayhem of the Music Meister during the musical number "Drives Us Bats!" Finally, Babyface was shown in "Night of the Batmen!", when Green Arrow thinks he has "this Batman thing in the bag!" after taking down Deadshot, when a bunch of villains comes up behind him, and Babyface states "Yes, that's what you think, SEE!"


Batman: The Brave and the Bold[]

In Other Media[]

  • Baby Face is a miniboss in the DS version of Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame. When Plastic Man and Batman have Catwoman cornered in the level The Cat Prowls at Night, she reveals that Baby Face is also interested in the jewels she plans to steal and escapes. In the boss fight, Baby Face first sends waves of his henchmen to attack the two heroes. When all of them are defeated, Baby Face will make himself vulnerable to attack. In this state, he can only be harmed by punching the cat bombs and making them float toward him. After half of his health has been depleted, he'll go back to his hideout and send more henchmen, repeating the pattern. Once Baby Face is defeated, his lair will blow up and he will seemingly fall to his death. Plastic Man's comment of "So much for Baby Face" may infer that Baby Face did indeed plummet to his death, but this may not be canon. Defeating Baby Face unlocks his bio in the Batcave Computer.


  • Baby Face was an original character created for Batman The Brave and the Bold.
  • He and his gang were an homage to the gangsters from Dick Tracy, most of whom had nicknames and aliases derived from the various physical deformities and other exaggerated features they possessed.