The Baby Jenkins was the infant son of Mayor Roscoe Jenkins and his wife.


Red Triangle kinappingEdit

The Jenkins baby played a key role in the scheme to introduce the public the Penguin. Business mogul Max Shreck set up an event in which the Mayor's family would be present with limited security. A Red Triangle acrobat was then easily able to slip in during a speech to kidnap the baby boy. The acrobatic clown gently handed the baby to the Penguin after jumping down an open manhole. Down below the Penguin was waiting in his Duck boat, activating a scissor lift was make him appear to ethereally rise out of the manhole with the baby in his arms and handed him back to his mother. Penguin has a history of resenting children born to privilege, especially the progeny of a Gotham politician as his own father, Tucker Cobblepot, was a district attorney. Penguin mockingly made attempts to coo the boy, or perhaps frighten him before rising to the surface.

Possible second kidnapping and murder attemptEdit

Later Penguin was granted access to the Hall of Records after lying to the public and even Max Shreck that he was seeking to learn the identity of his parents when in fact he already knew. Penguin used this opportunity to make a list of information on all the first-born sons of Gotham so he could take his revenge on society later. Shreck was able to set up a re-election in an attempt to remove baby Jenkins' father from office and replace him with Penguin, who would have no problem morally with approving a power plant he wanted built. After being humiliated during his mayoral campaign, Penguin decided that it was time to put his true goal in motion. He sent out his gang across town to kidnap the all the young first born sons. It seems that the children born to Gotham's high society would be targeted first, while their parents were attending the Maxquerade Ball. It is likely baby Jenkins was among the crying infants stored in the Organ Grinder's circus train before it was stopped by Batman, being the first born male to the the mayor.

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