A brilliant military mind and strategist, Bane was denied any hope for a normal life when he was forced to rot away within a foreign prison as a child for a crime that his father committed. Since his father passed away before his sentence could be completed, Bane was forced to take his place in the prison, where he toned his body and mind to perfection and was eventually subjected to military experiments.

Among those experiments came Bane's dependence on the chemical agent, Venom, which granted him incredible strength and adrenaline. After he broke out of prison, Bane sought to conquer worthy adversaries and make a criminal empire for himself. It wasn't long until Bane heard legends of Gotham City's Batman and fought him numerous times in an effort to prove himself, and was defeated and arrested time and time again.

Years later, Bane became a victim of a sinister plot hatched by The Joker and his pawn, Dr. Penelope Young, who drained the Venom from his blood and created an even stronger variation known as Titan. In the end, Dr. Young was murdered and Joker's plans were foiled, but shipments of Titan remained within Gotham. Within Arkham City, Bane hoped to obtain the last remnants of the amazing compound for his own use to finally defeat Batman and become the most worthy opponent throughout the world.


Early LifeEdit

Bane grew up in the horrendous and violent confines of the Santa Prisca prison, Peña Duro, and was imprisoned since childhood for his father's crimes. His father was a revolutionary mercenary who opposed the Santa Priscan Government but was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison. The man died before his sentence was complete, however, and left his next of kin to be imprisoned: Bane. After he was brutalized repeatedly by his fellow inmates, Bane, at the age of eight, committed his first murder with the use of a knife that he kept in his teddy bear, Osito, whom he viewed as his one true friend when a fellow inmate tried to use him to find out information on the prison.

Osito batman AA

Bane's teddy bear, "Osito".

Despite his violent surroundings, Bane trained his body and mind to perfection, read any book that he could get his hands on, toned his body in the prison's gym, and even received a classical education from some of the prison inmates, including a Jesuit Priest. Due to the cultural and geographical location of the prison, Bane learned a variety of languages, including English, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Before long, Bane was able to have complete control over the prison population and became its self-proclaimed ruler. However, Bane was plagued by intense nightmares that were centralized on a dark and shadowy creature who resembled a bat. After he sought to achieve his own sense of peace and conquer other territories and their population, Bane lusted to escape from the confines of Peno Dura.

Specifically, Bane was told stories of Gotham from the same Jesuit Priest who served as his mentor, who informed the young man of the hopes that were tied to such a place by many Santa Prisca refugees. The priest revealed that those refugees had escaped to the city through the tunnel networks that they had constructed underneath it and helped to build Gotham into the metropolis that it was, in the hopes of living there in peace once it was completed.

The tale went that they were lied to and betrayed by that same city and were forced back to Santa Prisca, where those who survived, were forced to continue living under their corrupt government. Ending the tale by stating that Bane's father had the same ambition of escaping to Gotham, Bane, unaware that the priest was conditioning him to attack the city because of his own personal beliefs, believed that it was his destiny to escape, conquer the city, rebuild it into his own paradise out of revenge for his country, and to satisfy his own greedy desires.

Bane's ambitions were set in motion when the prison owners and doctors sought to use him, recognized his position as the prison's leader among the inmate population, and to test out military experiments, that primarily dealt with the chemical compound known as 'Venom', which could increase an individual's muscle mass, stamina, invulnerability, and adrenaline a great deal.

Bane was then strapped to a storage unit that pumped the drug throughout his system and, much to the success of the experiment, the Venom was perfectly assimilated into his body. However, Bane used that to his advantage, violently slaughtered his captors, built up an army of mercenaries from within the prison, and escaped with his army in tow, which included Angel Vallelunga, Sergio Ortiz, and Diego Ortiz, who adopted the names of Bird, Trogg, and Zombie, respectively.

While he achieved his freedom at last, Bane was soon addicted to Venom and constantly created more batches of the drug in order to feed his appetite and addiction for it. Before long, Bane began to despise his addiction, saw it as weakness, and began to track down and slaughtered its manufacturers; despite that, Bane never broke completely free of his addiction. After he sought more challenges in order to prove his own strength and skill, Bane began to look for worthy adversaries and territories to conquer.

After his escape, Bane's actions led to him to be listed as a suspected terrorist, as well as a suspected subversive, suspected mass murderer, and suspected drug dealer, as well as placed on The Persons of Interest Watch List (both government watch lists as well as those from Interpol) alongside presumably other high-ranking warrants, and was also speculated to have suffered from medical psychosis. Bane also decided to try to kick his addiction to Venom by creating TN-1, although his tests all indicated that it would cause gradual memory loss, and planned to get willing volunteers as he perfected the formula in order to eliminate the side effect.

After he heard from his right-hand man, Bird, who had previously worked with the Gotham Criminal Underworld, that there were rumors of a Bat-like creature who protected the city, Bane believed that to be the same creature who plagued his nightmares and cemented his belief that it was fate to attack Gotham and him and this 'Bat' creature would meet. Gotham itself additionally intrigued Bane because, like his previous environment in the prison, it was ruled by fear: fear of Batman. Bane then made it his mission to not only conquer Batman, but Gotham itself, and build up his own criminal empire in order to achieve the peace that he had longed for.

Batman: Arkham OriginsEdit

Bane was one of the eight assassins who was hired by the Joker, under the guise of the city's biggest mob boss, Black Mask, to kill Batman on Christmas Eve for fifty million dollars. After he was smuggled into Gotham along with several of his fellow mercenaries courtesy of the crime lord, including his right-hand man Bird, Bane was greeted by several of Black Mask's Henchmen, with two Enforcers who were charged with ensuring that Bane was as tough as he claimed to be and engaged him in a brutal fight. After he soundly defeated both men and broke their necks in the process, Bane was presented with a contract for $50 million for Batman's head, though the mercenary was more concerned with killing Batman for his own grand plans and designs, and that the bounty was simply a nice consolation. Batman, when he learned of Bane's involvement as one of the eight assassins, was shocked that Bane was present in Gotham, and also expressed confusion as to why he would take money as a hired killer.

To that end, Bane and his forces seized complete control over sections of Old Gotham easily with a decreased amount of GCPD activity in light of the destructive events that occurred all throughout Gotham, and set up their headquarters within an old sewer network.

After he set up multiple monitors and even a makeshift gym, Bane next struck a deal with The Penguin to obtain immense weaponry, military grade equipment, and firearms as his forces stole several choppers in order to expand. Bane also took full advantage of Bird's connections to the Gotham Criminal Underworld and smuggled in massive amounts of Venom.

Bane then sold Venom as a drug on the streets in order to find suitable followers and increase his numbers, but also experimented with the compound in order to create an even more potent variation of Venom known as TN-1, which would have eliminated the need of a storage tank. After he tested it out on numerous followers, many of which horrifically mutated and perished, Bane learned that one of the side effects was severe memory loss.

Despite making great progress with his research, and allowing his followers to assimilate the drug into their body without harmful physical effects, Bane had yet to find a solution to overcome the severe memory loss of TN-1. Bane also poured much of his resources into uncovering Batman's true identity, studied the hero extensively within his research facility at his hideout, and eventually came extremely close to deducing who Batman was.

While he remained in hiding for the first part of the brutal night, and made his plans while Bird and his men seized control of various areas within the Gotham Criminal Underworld, Bane was called to a meeting with Firefly, the Electrocutioner, and the Joker, the true mastermind behind the hiring of the assassins, who impersonated Black Mask for several days for his own agenda of chaos. Following the meeting, Bane waited at the Royal Hotel Penthouse, and knew that Batman would come for the Joker. When Batman was about to enter the Penthouse, Bane tore him from an elevator, brought him to the Joker, and reluctantly gave them one minute to talk (due to the Joker's threat of detonating the Royal Hotel first while Batman, Bane, and himself were still inside when Bane attempted to kill Batman first).

"With your death I will find peace."

When their minute was up, Bane knocked Batman about the room and flung him through the window and down into the Library before their fight progressed to the balcony. Moments before a conclusion could be reached, Batman told Bane that the latter had "just ran out of time," which referred to the two GCPD Helicopters that arrived under the anonymous contact of Alfred, which were then blown apart by Bane's Militia by use of their own stolen helicopters. Bane and his men then left, after he believed that the tides had changed too much after a stray bullet grazed him and promised to return for Batman's blood.

However, Batman placed a tracer on Bane, that seemingly went unnoticed by him, initially. Joker then fired on Bane's Chopper after he boarded out of irritation that Bane called a retreat, which Bane then retaliated by shooting at the Joker with a rocket launcher, and nearly caused him to be killed from being knocked off by the explosion. Bane eventually ordered for Bird to keep an eye out for Batman and fight him while he delivered his Venom supplies and anticipated that Batman would attempt to interfere with the Venom shipments.

Tumblr mvwu4z2DmV1r3jb2to2 1280

Bane in Arkham Origins.

After he heard reports of an individual with a description who was similar to Bane had been shot, Batman broke into the GCPD Morgue, where he discovered that it was just one of Bane's Henchmen who used TN-1. After he attempted to block any angle that Bane may have had, Batman apprehended many of his mercenaries throughout the city, including Bird, who previously attempted to seize control of "My Alibi", a well known nightclub that was rifled with corruption and the Gotham Criminal Underworld.

After he followed the tracer, Batman arrived at Bane's Headquarters, where he found the abandoned tracer beside some computers that contained evidence that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same (it was implied that the primary irrefutable evidence to discovering Wayne's connection to Batman was from tracking the Batwing via radar). Batman then destroyed the computers and all other evidence and warned Alfred that Bane knew who he was and to remain hidden in the Batcave.

While Batman was busy trying to stop Firefly from destroying the Gotham Pioneers Bridge, Bane targeted and attacked Wayne Manor, left a trail of destruction in his wake, and located the Batcave. After he destroyed the Batcave, Bane then violently attacked Alfred and left enough life in him to say his final goodbyes to Batman. Bane then planned to mold Batman into the perfect warrior in battle through the anger and hatred that he would feel towards his fallen ally.

As further insurance that Batman had only a few moments left with Alfred prior to the latter's death, Bane also, after he communicated with Batman, wrecked the Batcomputer and with it, Batman's Detective Vision, which then forced Batman to do enough hasty repairs on the Batcomputer that restored Detective Vision and Batman then located Alfred. However, Batman was able to save Alfred by jumpstarting his heart with the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves, which were taken from him earlier that night after Joker had murdered him.

Bane next appeared to aid the Joker's siege at Blackgate Prison, and brought with him several of his own Venom Henchmen. After he made his way to the Panopticon, Batman found Joker holding Warden Martin Joseph hostage with Bane at his side. Joker then revealed that he understood Batman and his code of ethics and made it his new mission in life to make him give up his one rule by forcing him to take a life. After he revealed that Bane held a heart monitor that would charge up an electric chair, Joker sat in the chair and told Batman that either he would kill Bane to stop his heart from charging up the monitor and the chair or Joker would be electrified to death/Batman would end up killed: either way, Batman would be responsible for someone's death.

"But you will. You will fight me with all your resolve. Or you will die. Someone is going to die: You, me or the clown. The question of which one of us it is - is in your hands."
―Bane to Batman[src]

Bane then put on the monitor, and told Batman to use all his hatred and anger from the loss of his ally in battle, as Joker's Henchmen strapped Joker to the electric chair. Bane also noted that Batman's presence indicated that he may not have had much compassion, as he figured if he did, he'd be mourning for his lifelong companion by then (Bane did not realize that Batman had already revived Alfred). To ensure that Batman and Bane did indeed battle, Joker then placed a bomb within Blackgate that would detonate and slaughter everyone if the heart monitor was removed from Bane. As Batman and Bane battled, Captain James Gordon arrived and shot Joker's Henchmen who held Warden Joseph hostage. As Joseph and Gordon attempted to get Joker out of the electric chair, Joker elbowed both men, knocked out Joseph, held Gordon at gunpoint with his own gun, and put the headpiece of the electric chair on Gordon, which then raised the stakes even higher for Batman.

After he came up with the plan to send Bane's heart into cardiac arrest, Batman then used the Shock Gloves to defeat Bane and stopped his heart, which made the Joker gleefully laugh. Joker then attempted to shoot Joseph dead when he awoke and stood up to the clown, but Gordon jumped in front of him and took the bullet instead. Joker continued to laugh and left the room in order to escape from Blackgate, continue his reign of terror, and detonate the bombs that were placed across Gotham with his forces and the escaping convicts.

Batman then revealed to Gordon, who was not severely injured due to his bulletproof vest, that Bane could still be revived and told him and Joseph to arrest the Joker before he escaped. As they left, Batman revived Bane, who was more infuriated than ever and, realizing just how much of a genuine threat Batman was to him, resorted to drastic measures: he then used a sample of TN-1 on himself and became even more powerful. As Bane did so, he became a hulking mass of muscle with an uncontrollable urge to kill Batman.

Batman then sprayed Explosive Gel in a circle around Bane and detonated it, which destroyed the floor beneath them and and dropped them into one of the prison's corridors. Batman then learned from Alfred that he needed to defeat Bane before the TN-1 reached its full potency (which was estimated to be within ten minutes). Batman then ambushed Bane and rammed him into several electrodes, as well as beat him into submission. However, despite doing it enough to temporarily stun him, Bane managed to recover quickly, and then punched Batman through a wall.

After the final and grueling battle, Batman was able to finally subdue Bane after he strapped him to a pair of electrified pacification devices with the Remote Claw. Bane then barely declared that he must find the Bat Man, which caused Batman to sarcastically tell him good luck with his goal. Batman also realized that Bane's memory was left damaged by the extensive use of TN-1, which secured his identity once again. After he defeated Bane, Batman then left him unconscious and hung upside-down. Bane was later apprehended following Joker's own defeat.

One of Bane's Henchmen, alongside 19 other escaped Blackgate Prisoners, also escaped Blackgate shortly thereafter (thanks to the Joker's earlier riot), and made plans with Bane's other henchmen to rescue him (he failed to bust Bane out in his earlier escape largely because he was unable to save both himself and Bane). However, the plans ended before they could begin due to Batman tracking the prisoner down and beat him and his allies into submission before he left them to be picked up by the GCPD as part of a favor to Gordon.

Cold, Cold, HeartEdit

Bane did not appear in the DLC, although he was indirectly referenced at the beginning, where Alfred told Bruce to be careful while he tried to access the Batcave, as it was still extensively damaged from Bane's earlier attack from a week earlier.

Batman: Arkham Origins BlackgateEdit

Bane was then placed into the Arkham Ward at Blackgate, a secure facility for the most dangerous criminals. Bane was also kept in a coma and most of his body withered away due to being deprived of Venom. A few months afterwards, a prison riot was instigated at Blackgate by Catwoman, and Bane was smuggled out by her, and her cooperation with three of the ringleaders for Blackgate's riot: Black Mask, Penguin, and Joker, under the command of an anonymous employer (it was heavily implied that the employer was the Suicide Squad which was led by Amanda Waller). However, Batman interfered, and Bane was sent back into custody by the Suicide Squad in order to save face.

Batman: Assault on ArkhamEdit

At some point, Bane was transferred to Arkham Asylum and underwent temporary treatment and evaluation, as with the case of many villains who were not permanent residents of the asylum. It was implied that this was the period in which Dr. Young treated Bane, who became specifically intrigued to his addiction to Venom, and believed that the drug could prove instrumental to her Titan Project.

Bane then was released by the Joker as part of a riot at the asylum in an attempt to ensure that Batman was slowed down enough to prevent him from disarming the dirty bomb that he had activated. Bane then threw a GCPD car into the mountains that contained Suicide Squad member, Killer Frost, although he himself ended up sent into the Gotham River by Batman.

Pre-Arkham AsylumEdit

At some point, Bane successfully managed to break Batman's back, and thus forced Batman to be off-duty until his back recovered. Batman then managed to subdue Bane after his back healed. Since that, Bane wanted another chance to break Batman.

Road to ArkhamEdit

At some point prior to the events of Arkham Asylum, Bane was captured and quietly brought back to Arkham Asylum so that Dr. Young could study him and the effects of Venom on the human body so that she could design a more powerful variant of the formula known as Titan. When Dr. Young discussed the Titan Project in public, Bane's involvement was kept secret, and he was referred to only as "Patient X". Officially, Bane was listed as an escapee from Blackgate.

Just before Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn made her way to Bane's room and sedated him in order to keep him quiet when the "visitors" arrived.

Batman: Arkham AsylumEdit

The Joker had Commissioner Gordon kidnapped and taken to the Medical Center where Bane was held, drained of Venom, and left withered and helpless. After he rescued Gordon, Batman then entered Bane's holding room. Bane then begged Batman to cut him down, in the hopes of getting revenge on Dr. Young, but before he could do so, Joker activated Bane's chemical storage tank, which infused him with Titan in order to defeat Batman, and also returned his immense strength to him. Bane then attacked Batman and threw him through a wall into the Boiler Room. Bane and Batman then battled it out with the interference of the Joker's Henchmen.

"Bane: I will break you, Batman! Then the bruja! Batman: No, Bane! This time, I break you!"
―Batman defeating Bane[src]

Eventually, Batman cut Bane's Titan supply as the room collapsed upon itself. Batman then escaped through a manhole to the surface where he was reunited with Gordon. Bane managed to reattach his main valve, smashed his way to the surface, grabbed hold of Batman, and claimed that after he "broke" Batman, the "bruja" (Dr. Young) would be next. Batman then summoned the Batmobile by remote control to their position and kicked Bane in its path. The Batmobile crashed into Bane, and hurled him into the Gotham River. In one of the three post-credits scenes, Bane emerged from the water by the docks and grabbed onto a floating case of Titan.

After Arkham AsylumEdit

After he was knocked off Arkham Island by the Batmobile, Bane washed ashore, was quickly recaptured, and brought back to Arkham Asylum by the GCPD after the Joker's riot. As he recovered from his injuries, Bane sat in solitude and plotted his move in Arkham City, as it was publicly announced that Blackgate would be closed and that all criminals were relocated to the new prison. Having no love for his inmates, Bane started an undercover fight club and challenged anyone brave enough to take him on in hand-to-hand combat, and all failed to beat his incredible strength.

However, Joker soon heard of the club and sent a member of his crew a surprise in Bane's arena: the Titan Formula, that was abundant in supply at the Joker's base of operations. Nearly defeated, Bane vowed to eradicate all traces of the deadly drug from the streets of Arkham City in order to prevent himself from ever being bested. While Robin investigated Arkham City and posed as a street crook, Bane invaded the Museum, confronted Penguin about his supply of Titan, and demanded it to be handed over to him.

However, Bane was met with Solomon Grundy, whose brute strength and near immortal power forced him to retreat to the Krank Co. Toy Factory in order to plan his capture of all the Titan within Arkham City. Bane later attended Two-Face's Trial as a juror to commend Joker's death, and voted against the Clown Prince of Crime for his possession of Titan and vowed to collect it for his own.

Batman: Arkham CityEdit

While he investigated Arkham City, Batman discovered Bane hiding in an abandoned toy factory. Bane came to Gotham in search of the twelve remaining containers of Titan. Rather than fight, Bane suggested that the two team up in order to collect all of the drug samples so that they could be properly disposed of. After they divided the containers equally, Batman and Bane both set out to find the Titan Containers. Later, after he had disposed of his 6 containers of Titan with Explosive Gel, Batman returned to the toy factory to check on Bane's progress. The two were quickly attacked by the TYGER Guards (they were replaced by Joker's Henchmen if the main storyline was already completed) and easily defeated them.

"Titan is too powerful to be used against me. I needed it all for myself. Now do me a favor, and die!"
―Bane to Batman[src]

After the battle, Batman confronted Bane about the Titan and Bane revealed that he had never intended to destroy it, rather keep it. Bane had already acquired his six containers and was outraged that Batman had destroyed the ones that he was sent for. Bane then tried to attack Batman, but was quickly trapped behind a metal security fence.

Batman then revealed that he actually played Bane, knew full well that he would double cross him, and used that to his advantage so that he could destroy the last six Titan Containers in one place rather than look for them all over Arkham City. Bane was then left helpless as Batman destroyed the last of the Titan. Bane then asked if he could be let out, but Batman refused, and cited that aside from Bane's attempt at double-crossing him, there's still several things for him to take care of in Arkham City.

After he somehow escaped his predicament, Bane later appeared at the Gotham Cathedral, after he was convinced by some of the inmates that there was Titan in the building. After he broke through the blast door, Bane was confronted by guards who tried to stop him, but were unable to get past his bulletproof skin. Bane was then about to kill the officers, but Azrael quickly came to their rescue. After a brief fight, Azrael was able to stop Bane thanks to some assistance from Aaron Cash and cut off his Titan supply. Bane was then once again imprisoned, that time alongside The Riddler who was rather upset with his new cell mate.

After Arkham CityEdit

After his recent battles with Batman and subsequent defeats, Bane's body went into massive drug withdrawal from the lack of both Venom and Titan, which served as Bane's breaking point to finally redeem himself. After he realized that his whole purpose was to free himself of his own torment and not to simply kill, destroy, and conquer, Bane decided to finally lay his vendetta with Batman to rest once and for all and went on a long journey back to Santa Prisca to destroy what truly haunted him as a young child and man: not Batman, but the corruption of his country's government and criminals, who had violated his body and mind for years.

After he left his mask, storage tank, and devices within a crate that was situated at Port Adams on Founders' Island, Bane spent hundreds of days traveling back to Santa Prisca and used his sheer force of will to overcome his addiction to drugs. After he realized that he had never truly lost all of his cravings for Venom, Bane decided to take his addiction and lusted and transferred them into motivation in order to help the people of Santa Prisca and prevent others from being corrupted like he was decades ago. After he saw a young child bleed out from a gunshot wound upon his arrival, Bane knew that, beneath the spas and luxury resorts, Santa Prisca was just as corrupt as ever.

Bane's first targets were the drug lords of the country, all of whom continued to sell dangerous chemicals to children and engaged in mindless gang wars that took the lives of countless innocents each and every day. Bane's new mission was just as bloody as it was with Batman and Gotham, but was for a much more noble cause as the redeemed man looked upon the severed heads of the 12 most infamous drug lords in the country. Only one more target remained: Peña Duro, the corrupt prison that had poisoned his mind and continued to operate. Bane soon demolished its walls, destroyed the corruption at its source, and freed all of the innocents in the process.

While Bane was a man who allowed his addiction to define himself for countless years, his actions had proven that the small amount of humanity that was within him, and the innocent wish of a child to find peace, was never lost for good. With countless defeats at Batman's hands, Bane was able to focus his efforts on the true evils that created him and not on a fleeting image of a self-defined perception of fate from a nightmare. Bane finally found the peace that he so desperately craved and allowed himself to finally bring similar peace back to his own country and prevented other children and innocents from being turned into a monster like his former self.

Personality Edit

As he was raised in the literal Hell on Earth, Bane was emptied out by Pena Dura, from any form of conscience or empathy, but was not completely devoid of humanity. Brutal and cold, Bane sought challenge throughout the world and his need to fight was greatly driven by how Pena Dura had affected him. His cunning and confidence was such, that Bane was willing to use trickery in order to fulfill his goals such as killing Joker's Henchmen just after he formed an alliance with him. The prison that he was raised in killed even grown men, but Bane survived by his will of mind and body. Greatly disturbed, however, by his time in Pena Dura, Bane longed for peace and believed that his nightmares of a Bat-Creature signified what he had to do by killing Batman and gain peace, finally.

Although Bane was merciless and relied on brute force, he was shown to be a tactical and strategic genius, who was not completely without weakness. One of those was Bane's confidence in his own abilities as he only wished to fight Batman in peak condition and did so by aggravating him further by attacking Alfred in his own mansion so that he would use that anger to fight him, which began his own defeat at the hands of the Dark Knight. Bane's greatest weakness was his crippling addiction to Venom, a super-soldier drug. Without it, Bane was in a state of almost catatonia, but he tried to ail himself of that addiction, once by hunting down the manufacturers of Venom and eradicated them, but he dedicated himself to building a replacement drug, TN-1. Unfortunately the TN-1 destroyed Bane's mind, and turned him savage into an almost primitive mental state where he had to rely solely on his strength as his intelligence was greatly hampered by the drug, but despite that, he still had enough common sense to check vents and grates during his fight with Batman. He implies that he was aware of the TN-1's side effect of permanent memory loss and find a way to improve the formula to get rid of that side-effect, although he ultimately was forced to inject it into himself before he could make any headway in that research.

Despite his brutality, Bane had a notable soft side for his teddy bear, Osito, which he had with him when he was sentenced to Pena Dura and kept him by his side during when he was imprisoned in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The humanity that lived within Bane was finally shown however, albeit after countless defeats at Batman's hands, when he finally gave up his addiction, and realized that his ambitions had caused more harm than good. When he finally gave up his addiction, Bane returned to his homeland, Santa Prisca, and attempted to live a normal life, but after he saw how the Venom drug lords had destroyed his home and murdered everyone, Bane once again raged war on Venom and all its manufacturers with his new objective and destroyed Pena Dura.

Extortion DataEdit

File OneEdit

  • Bane: It is said 'that which does not kill you makes you stronger.' But that which makes you stronger, can often kill you. Addiction is a weakness. One that must be overcome. Venom has become my addiction - my weakness. To free myself, I have tried many things. For a time, I sought to eradicate venom and wipe those who manufacture, it from the face of the Earth, but lately I've gravitated towards project TN-1... a replacement drug which would eliminate venom's addictive properties, and holds the promise of a permanent effect. If it works, I would no longer have need of the delivery system - another weakness. While early tests had to be terminated immediately, the latest subjects seem at least physically stable - but side effects are severe: immediate and permanent long-term memory loss followed by a general degradation of brain function that leaves the subject... primitive. Testing continues - the latest formula shows promise. Once I have eliminated the Bat, I will dedicate myself to finding a suitable 'volunteer' for my tests. End of recording.

Psychological Profile (Dr. Young)Edit


Bane Biography Photo Arkham Asylum.


Real name: Unknown


Psychological Profile: The worst substance abuse case I have ever personally encountered, Bane is all but defined both physically and mentally by his use of the Venom compound. His body is ravaged and withered when he is in withdrawal, but upon being administered a dose of Venom, he becomes a physical monstrosity. A highly intelligent and strategic man, his sense of self has become totally dependent on his Venom addiction. When partaking, he displays intense narcissism, manifesting as megalomania and a competitive preoccupation with the Batman. Deprived of the compound, he is almost totally unresponsive in every way, approaching catatonia.

Additional Notes:

A childhood of intense deprivation resulted in a histrionic streak that has fixated him on destroying Batman in order to seek worldwide approval.

His antisocial upbringing has given him an intensely focused mind.

His addiction to Venom seems unbreakable, and the compound's effects on him are very impressive; I can't help but be intrigued by the possibilities locked within this incredible substance....

Game Over LinesEdit

Arkham Origins Edit


Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Bane

Batman Arkham Origins - Game Over Bane

Game Over Screens

  • "And I had such big plans for you."
  • "I'd hoped for more of a fight."
  • "That was...unsatisfying."


  • "After all these years of claiming to be the best, you are beaten by my worst."
  • "Defeated by my underlings. Not impressed."

Venom BaneEdit

  • "I'm disappointed. I expected better from you."
  • "So this is how the bat finally falls."
  • "You've been... broken.
Batman Arkham Asylum - Game Over Bane

Batman Arkham Asylum - Game Over Bane

Bane's game over lines.

TN-1 BaneEdit

  • "First, I broke your spirit. Now, I break your back."
  • "He is gone, Batman, because of you."

Arkham AsylumEdit

  • "Once again, I have defeated you, Batman."
  • "The Bat is Broken! Hahaha." (Breaks Batman's spine)


Arkham Origins Edit

  • If the player went back into Penguin's Office on the Final Offer shortly after Batman defeated Deathstroke, they found an assortment of weapons that were addressed to Bane, including the rocket launcher that he used in an attempt to kill Joker later on in the story, as well as in the game's Multiplayer feature.
  • In that game, Bane resembled elements of Tom Hardy's Bane, such as wearing a flak vest and cargo pants with numerous devices under his coat, a bald head, an infamously known terrorist even prior to his arrival in Gotham, and leading an army of mercenaries from a hideout in the sewers.
    • In addition, one of Bane's game over screens while he fought in his TN-1 form paraphrased his statement immediately prior to breaking Batman's back in The Dark Knight Rises: "I was wondering what I should break first, the spirit or the body?"
  • In Shiva's first Extortion Tape audio file, it was revealed that Bane had some knowledge of Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins, as heard when he talked to Shiva.
  • Bane was shown to have two metal tubes that were implanted in his neck in that version; however, his later Arkham models didn't show them.
  • In the scene where Batman discovered that Bane had managed to deduce his connection to Bruce Wayne, the video that's shown was a loop of Bruce brushing off Vicki Vale's comment about staying a bachelor on Christmas Eve by claiming that she "just ran out of time," and implied that Bane, in part, had managed to deduce Batman's true identity due to Batman saying a similar phrase to him late in their earlier battle at the Royal Hotel.
  • There was a slight discrepancy regarding Bane's height and weight between his in-game wanted list in Arkham Origins and the viral marketing GCPD bulletin. The former lists him as having a height of 6'6 and weighing 250 lbs, while the latter instead claims he was 7'5" and weighed an excess of 500 lbs.

Arkham Asylum Edit

  • Bane referred to Dr. Young as bruja, which is Spanish for "witch".
  • Bane referred to the Joker as payaso, which is Spanish for "clown".
  • Despite having a major role in the game, Bane was the only villain who didn't have any Interview Tapes due to him not being a patient at the asylum and was only there due to the machinations of Joker while he manipulated Dr. Young.
  • Bane's Game Over Line in which he broke Batman's back was reminiscent of his first appearance where he did exactly the same thing. The line that he said also matched that appearance, after which he became known as "The Man Who Broke The Bat".
    • That was also the only Game Over Line in which Batman was seen.

Arkham City Edit

  • When you visited him as Catwoman, Bane told her that if she didn't release him, he'd kill her too, and made her the target of two assassins; and the other was Deadshot.
  • If Batman talked to Bane after he destroyed the Titan before or during Protocol 10, he and Batman were attacked by the TYGER Guards. If after, they were attacked by Joker's Henchmen.
  • When he defended the Titan, Bane could be heard shouting: "THE TITAN IS MINE!!!" That hinted at his betrayal.
  • If you found the Titan before you talked to Bane, Batman corrected Bane on how many that he believed were out there with how many that he already had taken out. However, to make sure that you did not destroy them all before you talked to Bane, the Titan Container in the Industrial District did not appear until after you talked with him.
  • Bane and Killer Croc were the only villains in Arkham City who didn't have Game Over Screens, as you didn't fight them both directly.
  • In the TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault, a teddy that was commonly mistaken as Osito could be seen. The Osito that appeared in Arkham Asylum could be seen in the Collapsed Streets in Wonder City.
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