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Barbara Gord-son is the daughter of Chancellor Eschevin Gord-son and the vying love interest of Bruss Wayne-son and Dirk Gray-son. Following the murder of her father by the Laughing Man, Barbara had her suspicions that his murder was directly tied to Dr. Arkham, because Eschevin saw Arkham's "psychomantic" seances as evil and planned to close them down.

After Dirk was similarly killed, Barbara and Bruss are drawn to investigate Arkham, after being turned down by the police and, apparently, ignored by the Super-Man and Lois.

Bruss later infiltrated Arkham's asylum and learned that he and Barbara are also being targeted by the Laughing Man to end their investigation. Barbara was about to be kill by the Laughing Man while in bed until she was saved by the intervention of Bruss, now known as Nosferatu. Following Arkham's imprisonment, Barbara became the Chief of Police and later closed down Dr. Psykho's The Palace of Sin.

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