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Barbara Gordon was the wife of Commissioner Jim Gordon, and the mother of James Gordon, Jr. and a daughter.


Next to nothing is known about her life with Gordon.

Gordon fakes his death[]

The GCPD went to the extent of going to Barbara's front door to tell her that her husband had perished by gunshot. Barbra had an extreme emotional reaction and began chastising Batman, who was perched in his usual spot, for "bringing this craziness" on their family.

Taken hostage by Two-Face[]

Barbra and her children were later kidnapped by Two-Face.


Behind the scenes[]

Barbara was recast in the sequel much like Rachel Dawes but for reasons unknown Ilyssa Fradin could not reprise her role for the sequel, so Melinda McGraw was chosen to take over the role. This is perhaps due to the wider acting range needed for the hostage scene at the finale.

Similarity to the comic[]

Gordon 08

Barbara in The Eye of the Beholder

The scene from Batman Begins where Jim spots Batman from the backdoor of his suburban home is adapted directly from The Eye of the Beholder by Andrew Helfer. The interoir kitchen perspective is never shown to the audience but the sound of a crying baby being fed by Barbara can be heard.

Differences from the comic[]

  • Unlike the comic, Batman never peers directly into the kitchen window or sets foot on their backyard, keeping his distance instead.
  • In The Dark Knight Rises, she and Gordon have separated, having taken the children with her to Cleveland. This is reminiscent of the fate of their marriage in the comics, where the divorce was a result Gordon's child abuse in Batman: Night Cries and an on-going infidelity he had with Detective Essen, who would later become his second wife. However unlike the 90s comics the movie implied that it was merely due to being unable to deal with hiding the truth about Harvey Dent’s attempt to murder her family and watching him be glorified.
  • Barbara shares her name with her daughter, who becomes Batgirl in the comics, however in the DK trilogy, she is only referred to as "Gordon's Daughter."