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Barbara Kean appears in the television series Gotham, which acts as an origin show to several DC related characters in the years prior to Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. She is introduced in the "Pilot" episode, initially as the fiancée to protagonist James Gordon. But it becomes clear she has had a troubled past with alcohol and drugs, and is also revealed as the former bisexual partner of Renee Montoya.


Unlike the comic counterpart, this version later becomes a villain in the show. In fact, after being mentally abused by The Ogre, she murders her parents near the end of the first season and tries to kill Gordon's new partner, Leslie Thompkins.

In the second season she becomes a part of a group known as 'The Maniax' and works under the season's primary antagonist, Theo Galavan. She then tries to kill herself but ending up in a coma instead, she later wakes up and helps Jim with the intention of reconciling with him, failing.

In the third season she continues her career as a gangster along with her girlfriend Tabitha Galavan and Butch Gilzean (later known as Solomon Grundy). She then allies with Edward Nygma with the intention of stopping Oswald Cobblepot from beign the king of the city. She briefly becomes the queen of Gotham before being electrocuted to death by Tabitha.

In the fourth season Barbara gets resurrected by Ra’s al Ghul. She then makes peace and reunites with Tabitha and Selina Kyle, being known as The Sirens. They briefly work with Sofia Falcone and they stop Penguin‘s control over the city. Ra's then makes her the new Demon’s Head, which leads her to summon the League of Shadows, she eventually gives up her powers to save Tabitha. The two, with the help of the Sisters of the League, claim their territory in “The Sirens Club” when villains take control over Gotham City.

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