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Just as it looks like The Dynamic Duo's geese are cooked (literally!), the Adhesive Batbombs Batman planted in the hallway earlier go off, enticing Minstrel and his minions, Amanda, Bass and Treble, and giving The Duo the distraction they need to shake loose the spit from its supports and free themselves. When The Minstrel realizes The Batman has escaped, he and Bass and Treble retreat to their other hideout, leaving behind their moll, Amanda. The Batman places a bugging device into her purse before he releases her, hoping that she will lead them to The Minstrel's second hideout. Surpised by Amanda's return, The Minstrel immediately spots the bug in her purse and informs the eavesdropping Dynamic Duo that he will now commence "Plan High-C," and that The Batman should gather the members of the stock exchange at the exchange building within half an hour for a demonstration of his monstrous scheme! The Minstrel makes devilishly good on his evil threat, using a broadcast signal that corresponds to the building's resonace to cause the entire building to shake, and blackmailing the stock exchange members into giving into his demands within one hour or he will send the whole building crumbling down! Batman figures Minstrel can't broadcast his signal without power, so he severs all the power in the building. Minstrel nevertheless broadcasts his ultimatums with his own power, but The Caped Crusader realises the broadcast was prerecorded and he sees through The Minstrel's disguise as one of the members of the stock exchange! Minstrel and his men, Bass and Treble, who were disguised as caterers, are brought to justice by The Dynamic Duo! Later that night, Bruce Wayne and his brood watch The Minstrel on a newscast, prior to being transferred to Gotham State Pen, singing a promise of a jailbreak and revenge upon Batman and Robin. 


Another battle royal with King Tut!




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