Basil Karlo is a character in the television series Gotham, appearing as a recurring character in season 2 and 3. He is one of the many reanimated subjects brought back from the dead by Hugo Strange at Indian Hill and given shapeshifting abilities.


Early life

Much of Basil's early life is unknown prior to his death, although he was an actor who died of unknown means. Following his death his body was brought to the Indian Hill facility underneath Arkham Asylum, and kept along with other deceased subjects.


When Strange began resurrecting subjects, Basil was one of them, although his resurrection left him without any memories of his past life. Strange reminded Basil about his name and past life as a performer, and got him to put it to good use by impersonating detective James Gordon (whom Strange captured and held at Indian Hill) and sent Basil to the Gotham City Police Department to keep them away from Indian Hill and Arkham Asylum. However, Barbara Kean saw through Basil's deception when he tried to hit on her, and hit him across the face, which caused it to distort and revealing the imposter. He was presumably incarcerated afterwards, although he managed to escape custody.

Impersonating Elijah Van Dahl


  • As Hugo Strange was collecting the bodies of deceased criminals, it is assumed that Basil himself lead a criminal lifestyle of sorts before ending up dead and sent to Indian Hill.
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