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Basilisk is a fledging terrorist cell. They have been responsible for some of the events in Suicide Squad and The Flash series.



In response to the emergence of such metahumans as Superman, some "new player" who calls himself Coil founded the terrorist group Basilisk.

Members of Basilisk believe that there is a war coming, between normal people and metahumans, of which the cell aims to be the only winner of that conflict.

The Flash[]

During the funeral of Manuel Lago's father, It is revealed that his death was caused through an aeroplane hijacking. This inspires Lago to join the CIA, of which he goes rogue when he discovers Basilisk was responsible for his father death. He manages to take the killers out one-by-one until he is captured and tortured (by mutilation). When Basilisk discovers he can regenerate any bodily damage (even missing limbs), they keep torturing him for weeks on end, discarding the multitude of hacked-off limbs in a separate room. From these discarded body parts, the first members of Mob Rule were "born" from their "father"'s regenerative ability. Mob Rule spring a defeated Lago from his cell and escape Basilisk's clutches.

Suicide Squad[]

The Suicide Squad are sent to infiltrate Basilisk in order to find the scientist who created a nanite virus responsible for countless gruesome deaths at a stadium. They are eventually found and captured by a metahuman agent called Grey Lora. She interrogates the team on the whereabouts of one Wong Fon Shay. Deadshot reveals she has been killed. Judging by Grey Lora's reaction to Wong's death, (as well as their similar appearances) the two must of been related, making her death very personal. Wong was revealed to have killed by Captain Boomerang in a previous hit. Enraged at the betrayal, Captain Boomerang is shot by Deadshot and taken hostage by Grey Lora. Deadshot bargains with Grey Lora for his team's freedom in exchanged for the body of Fon Shay (which he claims to know the location of).


  • Lord Coil: The mysterious benefactor and founder of Basilisk. Nothing else is known of him currently.
  • Grey Lora: A long-taloned metahuman terrorist. Her powers are that of enhanced reflexes and the ability to contort grotesquely her mouth (and teeth) into something similar to a snake.
  • Mad Dog: Bounty hunter employed to track down and capture Deadshot, for the babe-in-arms which was the cure for a recently unleashed nanite virus. Mad Dog was killed by King Shark.
  • Dr. Elisha Visyak: Scientist in the employ of Basilisk, notably the developer of a nanite virus used upon a stadium full of innocents.