"Never leave the Cave without it."
―Batman to Robin.[src]

The infamous Bat-Credit Card was a credit card that Batman used when he needed to make monetary transactions.

Batman used it in Batman & Robin to offer $7 million for Poison Ivy.


The Bat-Credit Card wasn't included in Akiva Goldsman's script, so it's very likely that this was an idea added by Joel Schumacher during shooting.


  • The Bat-Credit Card's expiration date is "Forever", a nod to Batman & Robin's predecessor: Batman Forever.
  • The Bat-Credit Card was a notable running gag of internet reviewer Doug Walker, in which his character, the "Nostalgia Critic", would fly into a homicidal rage upon even the slightest mention of the Bat-Credit Card.[1] However, he has since retired the gag, in-universe due to Lewis Lovhaug (also known as Linkara) explaining how the card is actually practical (noting that not only is Batman rich, but he has a habit of customizing his accessories, and uses shell companies to hide his money that he uses to fight crime), and in-real life, due to him feeling that the joke had run its course.



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