Bat O' Ride is a coin-operated kiddie ride based on the Batmobile. The ride was created by Gotham business owners to exploit the Batman's popularity as a local icon and tourist attraction. The cost was 50¢.


These rides were created after the public became aware of Batman's heroism after he defeated the Joker and the Batsignal was gifted to the city.

Hijacking the Batmobile

The Penguin and the Red Triangle Circus Gang stole one of these rides and rigged it so he could control the real Batmobile remotely using the steering wheel. The Bat O' Ride was hooked up to receivers on top of his campaign trailer during the Relighting of the Tree in Gotham Plaza.


Behind the Scenes

Originally there was to be an entire Batman gift shop that the Firebreather destroyed at the beginning of the film. The Tattooed Strongman used a Batman Sled to beat the Salvation Army Santa, the Bat O' Ride is only remnant of this concept in the final film.

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