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Oracle: “A Batcave? On Arkham Island?
Batman: “I built it years ago. It's best to plan ahead for situations like this.
―Oracle and Batman[src]

A major auxiliary Batcave was built on Arkham Island, established just in case of a mass breakout at the facility's holding cells, which eventually occurred.


Batman discovered this area while stopping one of the patients from committing suicide on the rocks. He soon began moving equipment here for emergencies.

Joker's takeover of Arkham Island[]

Batman created a smaller Batcave under Arkham Island and stored some supplies there just in case a massive breakout would occur at Arkham. That breakout became reality when the Joker had managed to take over Arkham as the first stage of trying to take control of Gotham City. That Batcave proved useful for Batman as it allowed him to analyze the Titan Formula and defeat the Joker. During that time, Joker attempted to take control of the Batcave by using his henchmen who were defeated by Batman. The Batcave was destroyed by Poison Ivy's plants when she was injected with Titan.

Behind the Scenes[]

This location is based on the Northwest Batcave from the comics.


  • This Batcave was relatively sparse, and Batman only stored a few gadgets within such as the Batclaw and the Ultra Batclaw. The only vehicle in storage is a small Batplane.
  • The cave's security system required a full body scan of Batman in order to gain access.
  • In order to activate the systems within the cave, Batman only had to say the word "On". This is a callback to Michael Keaton's monosyllabic commands while using the Batmobile Communicator in the 1989 film.