"Something's blocking connection back to the Batcave."

The Batcave was an underground cave system that was located below Wayne Manor and was home to Batman.



Batcave batwing-1920x1080

The Batcave as it appears in Arkham Origins.

When he was a young boy, Bruce Wayne found an underground cave system that was located below his home at Wayne Manor and it was useful when his parents died and Wayne swore to fight crime. It was his secret base of operations as Batman. It housed the Batmobile, the Batwing, the Batcomputer, and Batman's many other gadgets. Batman also had the foresight to build a second Batcave underneath Arkham Island in case such of an emergency scenario. This proved useful when Joker took over the island facility years later, freeing all the patients.

Christmas Eve

Two Years into his crime fighting career as Batman, Bruce and Alfred were still constructing the Bat-cave. Having installed a training simulator for him to hone his skills, the bat computer, and a landing pad for his Batwing air craft.

When one of the Assassins named Bane discovered that Batman was Bruce Wayne he made his way to Wayne Manor and too the batcave and proceeded to utterly wreck the base and nearly killed Alfred. A week later after Batman had defeated all the Assassins and stopped Jokers plans the Cave was still being fixed.

Arkham City era

After the Arkham Island incident, Batman (as Bruce Wayne) was incarcerated in Arkham City. During Protocol 10, Professor Hugo Strange's TYGER Guards attacked Wayne Manor and were able to find the Batcave. They were defeated by Nightwing, Robin, and Alfred. Sometime later, the Riddler sent a group of thugs to Wayne Manor to test Batman, but they were easily beaten by him.

Knightfall protocol

The Batcave was presumably destroyed with Wayne Manor with Knightfall protocol.


  • The Wayne Manor Batcave was only featured in the Challenge Map Pack DLC in Batman: Arkham City.
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