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The Batcave was Batman's underground base of operations, and secondary home where he could find solitude. Bruce first discovered the cave system below Wayne Manor when he fell into them as a child, and returned to the caves after his decision to model his crime fighting persona after a bat. Initially only using the caves to store his equipment, Bruce eventually constructed a secret headquarters within the caves to better operate independently and in secret.


First Batcave

The first section of the Batcave that was shown in Batman was Bruce's computer work station, which he used to view recordings that were made of various conversations within Wayne Manor during a charity ball. The cave was later fully revealed when he, as Batman, brought Vicki Vale to the cave in the Batmobile following an escape from the Joker and his Goons at the Flugelheim Museum.


Accessed via a retractable wall along a country road, the Batmobile was parked on a turntable platform that overlooked a man-made abyss of concrete and pipes, and the Batcave's power switch was located next to the platform. Several ramps wound through the cave from the platform, which lead to Bruce's elevated work station, the vault that held the original Batman armor and various other unspecified machinery. An additional work station was also shown, and possessed analysis equipment while Bruce attempted to locate Joker's headquarters.

Second Batcave

Like the Batsuit, the Batcave underwent an update since its previous appearance in Batman. Stretched across a large chasm, Bruce spread his work stations over various rock platforms, the primary of which held his main computer work station, which was stretched out across two large circular terminals. Across from the primary platform was the Batmobile's "docking area", which acted as its parking and repair area after Batman narrowly escaped a potential trap by the Penguin. The vault that held the updated plated Batsuits was carved into one of the cave walls, with a draw-bridge-like door that allowed or disallowed access to the vault from the cave's primary platform.

The cave was shown to be accessible via a large staircase or via a hidden chute in an iron maiden, which was activated by throwing a small switch that was hidden in a fish tank replica of Wayne Manor in the manor's foyer.

Batman '89

According to one account, Batman had further redecorated the cave by the time of his conflicts with Two-Face. These included a display case featuring his previous suits whilst the Batmobile had also returned to its initial podium. Whilst still coping with his guilt in a boy's death, Bruce used his resources to purchase the Gotham City Bank's Giant Penny, planning to use it to decorate the cave.[1] After Drake Winston joined his operations, Batman opened the Batcave to him to help train him in crime-fighting.[2] Catwoman also visited the cave for the first time after to get Batman medical aid from Alfred.

The Batcave also served as the stage for the final confrontation between Batman and Harvey Dent. With the DA aware of his identity, Bruce allowed him into the cave to discuss their plans for each other privately. However, this was interrupted by Catwoman, who caused Dent to fall to his death by cutting the Giant Penny loose with her claws.[3]

The Flash

Another account suggests the Batcave was abandoned after Bruce retired from the role of Batman, though most of its equipment still functioned in the years after this.

Subsequent Events

According to several accounts, Batman would redecorate the Batcave further before battles with other villains. The cave was also restructured to house several other vehicles under the Batmobile turntable, including the Redbird and the Batblade. On at least one occasion, the Riddler gained access to and severely damaged the Batcave.

Background Information and Notes

In Sam Hamm's original script for Batman, the Batcave was described as similar to its depictions in Silver Age comics, with more utilities and equipment stored within it. Among them included a larger Batsuit vault and photo developing equipment. Bruce also had exercise bars set up above the chasm.


  • The original Batcave in Batman was noted for possessing live bats on the cave set.
  • The idea of a hologram entrance to the Batcave was taken from Frank Miller's 1986 Dark Knight series.
  • Although it made various guest and honorary appearances in future media, the Batmobile's last live-action scene was of it in pieces, and it was in the process of being repaired by Bruce in its docking area in the cave in Batman Returns.
  • In Hamm's abandoned Batman II draft, the Batcave was revealed to be the location where the Raven Society had hidden their treasures. The cave would serve as the final battleground between Batman and the Penguin, the former causing the latter to fall into the depths through use of an Ultrasonic Bat Beacon.
  • Alfred's allowance of Vicki entering the Batcave in the first film was commented on by Bruce in Batman Returns, which cited the event wryly as a doubt that he had on Alfred's seriousness over both security and secrecy. This mirrors similar criticism directed towards the action in the previous film.



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