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The Batclaw was a grapple gun modification available in the Batman: Arkham series. First appearing in Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman can use the gadget to pull objects out of reach. The Batclaw can also be used in combat to pull enemies towards Batman or, in later entries, disarm them.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Batclaw is absent from Batman's arsenal until he visits the Batcave underneath Arkham Island. Using it, the player can pull open air vents and pull obstacles out of the way. The Batclaw can also be used in combat via double tapping the right-shoulder button. In predator sections, it can be used to pull enemies off ledges from a distance. However, the act will reveal Batman's location to nearby thugs.

After returning to the cave to mix the Titan antidote, Batman upgrades the Batclaw into the Ultra Batclaw, which enables Batman to fire three sets of it as opposed to one. Using it, Batman can target up to three enemies and pull down destructible walls that cannot be reached to set Explosive Gel on. The Ultra Batclaw also makes pulling objects easier, with it requiring one tug as opposed to mashing a button.

Batman: Arkham City

Batman using the Batclaw

The regular Batclaw returns in the game as one of Batman's starting gadgets. The functionality can has now been expanded, with it able to grab objects with rings and pull Riddler Trophies (provided they're not frozen). The Batclaw can also be used in rafting sections, being used to either pull them towards Batman or pull him and it to the destination.

In combat, the Batclaw's can now be activated by holding gadget-aim button and pressing the counter button. Batman can now also perform a Batclaw slam by pressing the attack button whilst pulling a grappled thug towards him. After upgrading with the "Batclaw Disarm", Batman will be able to pull guns from the enemies' grip. Batman will also use the Batclaw in ledge takedowns, if the enemies are a distance away from the area he is hanging from.

Nightwing will also use the Batclaw in playable missions and challenge maps; its functionality identical to Batman's own. Robin, however, will make use of the Zip-Kick, which pulls him towards opponents and cannot pull objects.

Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman: Arkham Knight

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