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"I was just doing my duty as a citizen."

Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl was portrayed by Yvonne Craig in the 1960s series Batman.

After hearing so many tales of the Dynamic Duo's exploits and fighting crime, she took on a crime fighting persona herself and joined them to become a valuable member of the new Terrific Trio.


Barbara is the daughter of police Commissioner Gordon. By day she works for the Gotham Library, by night she battles under the alias of Batgirl.

Barbara lives in a private townhouse near Gotham's trendy Park Ridge. A service lift in Barbara's bedroom closet runs down to the secret basement where Barbara stores her Batgirl crimefighting gear. In addition to costumes and weapons, the basement also serves as garage for Batgirl's highly-advanced Bat-cycle.

Barbara Gordon lived a normal life like any other young adult until she finished college and returned home to Gotham City. It was then that she decided to lend a hand to the cause of justice, perhaps inspired by her father's tales of the Dynamic Duo's exploits. Creating her own costume (she later won an award for best-dressed crimefightress in Gotham City) and Batgirl-cycle, she took the name Batgirl. A hidden button under her vanity activates a secret revolving door in her bedroom, which leads to the Batgirl-nook. From there, the Domino Daredoll would don her wig and change into the Batgirl costume. There is also another door, leading to the Batgirl-cycle, which exits the building through a secret freight elevator.

This "supremely feminine scourge of all that is criminal" seems to have some mechanical knowledge, and she is an accomplished fighter, though she mostly kicks and rarely uses her hands. Her sleuthing quickly brought her into contact with the Caped Crusaders, which led her to develop a crush on Batman. At first, he tried to discourage her from such activities, partly because she was a woman. He was sometimes known to say that she should "leave the crimefighting to men." Undaunted, Batgirl continues to give aid to Batman and Robin whether they want it or not and proves to them that women can fight crime just as efficiently.

The only person who knew her true identity was Alfred by accident when he was helping out Batman, but promised her that he would never reveal it.

She has often given great assistance to the Dynamic Duo and they are most of the time very grateful for her help. They appreciate her secret identity just as she appreciates theirs.


  • The idea of Barbara Gordon being Batgirl was created for the 60's series and then incorporated into the comic books.
  • Unlike later versions of Barbara Gordon, this Batgirl's red hair was a wig, used to help keep her identity secret, as she normally was a short haired brunette.
  • Unlike the comic book version, her Batgirl costume is a purple bodysuit with matching gloves, boots and cowl and purple cape with gold on the inside.