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Batgirl is Batman's first sidekick in The Batman. Years later, Barbara became an information broker known as Oracle.


The 16-year old Barbara assumed the identity of Batgirl in order to rescue her father from the clutches of her former friend, Poison Ivy. During this adventure, she crossed paths with the Batman, and managed to rescue her father without revealing her secret identity (bar the Batman's deduction). Batgirl insinuated her way into the Dark Knight's lifestyle, despite Batman's persistent discouragement over her chosen profession. She even succeeded in determining that Batman was actually Bruce Wayne, but Wayne managed to manipulate circumstances to ensure the safety of his secret identity.

For a brief period, Barbara dismissed her belief that Bruce and the Batman were one and the same. She continued to aid the Dark Knight against the likes of the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Man Bat, Killer Croc, Firefly, Gearhead, Black Mask, Maxie Zeus and Clayface, and even piloted the heavy duty Batbot armor to stop a muscular Joker. For all of his efforts however, Bruce could not convince Barbara to give up this risky lifestyle, and she constantly complained that Batman was keeping her "out of the loop". She even felt jealous when Prank Joker's sidekick saw his hideout while she had not seen Batman's hideout. Before long, Barbara discovered that Batman had taken on an official partner – the young aerialist known as Robin. Barbara was infuriated, but Batman soon took her into his confidence and revealed his true identity to her. Bringing her down into the Batcave, he supplied her with a utility belt and Batgirl became one of Batman's official partners. She currently serves as a sidekick, working alongside (sometimes reluctantly) her teammate, Robin. Their most notable missions included freeing Batman from Black Mask and stopping Team Penguin


Batgirl’s bat costume consists of a black mask and cape and gold utility belt resembling those of the Batman, except with dark purple highlights instead of blue. She also wears a light purple shirt with a gold bat-emblem, skirt and pants and black thigh high boots.


  • This Batgirl serves as Batman's first sidekick instead of Robin, which was different from the comics and other media as the character was in another animated TV series, Teen Titans between 2003-2006.
  • Her Batgirl costume bears a striking resemblance to the Batgirl costume worn by the late Yvonne Craig in the 1960's Live-Action Batman TV series
  • Barbara's mother is deceased in this continuity and it is unknown how she died.


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Voiced by

  • Danielle Judovits (English)
  • Kotomi Yamakawa (Japanese)
  • Yaraivi Alcedo (Spanish)
  • Chantal Barion (French)
  • Debora Magnaghi (Italian)
  • Julia Kolakowska (Polish)
  • Maria Rydberg (Swedish)