"Point of New Origin, Part Three"

Stephanie Brown continues her pursuit of gaining the trust and blessing of Barbara Gordon in her torn Batgirl suit. She is out to fight off the Scarecrow, with back-up at least 5 minutes away. Barbara again tries to dissuade her from going in, but none-the-less tells her where a fear gas inoculation is in Cassandra's utility belt, a statement that does not go unnoticed by Stephanie. Scarecrow, meanwhile releases a new toxin to 2 of his men which causes them to fight each other.

Meanwhile Stephanie takes out two of Scarecrows goons and soon comes face to face with the Scarecrow himself. Scarecrow releases a new version of the fear gas and Stephanie is forced to flee after being cut by Scarecrow. As Barbara monitors the activity, Stephanie is beginning to hallucinate. Scarecrow kicks her down a flight of stairs, but when she turns around she sees Tim Drake in the Robin uniform. The weaponized Rage-Drug is messing with her mind and soon she gets stabbed in the arm. The hallucinations change to her former identity as Spoiler, as Scarecrow is brutally beating Stephanie, now the Batgirl costume is torn all over the place, including half of her cowl.

Stephanie begins to black out, remembering things Barbara, a thug, and her mother told her. Barbara screams for her to wake up, calling her Batgirl for the first time. Stephanie wakes up and begins fighting back, gaining the upper hand, she remembers a question she was asked the other day about about why she stays; her answer because she doesn't know how to do anything else even if that means setting yourself up for failure. When Scarecrow asks her why she stays, when she is going to have to face herself and no one is brave enough to do that. She tells him she is and he asks her what might that be. She responds "I'm Batgirl!" Barbara seems happy to hear this stating that she just might be. As the Police arrive, Stephanie leaves.

Back at home, Steph makes waffles for her mother and Barbara goes to see Wendy Harris and tells her that she is always available to talk. Barbara takes a position as Assistant Professor at Gotham University, where Stephanie is one of her students.

Back at the Batcave, Barbara makes an oath with Stephanie, much the same way Bruce did with Dick. She pledges to support Stephanie as she has supported others, letting her know she won't be alone out there. Barbara gives her a new Batgirl suit. Stephanie heads out on the town in her new suit, ready for what the night will bring.


"Point of New Origin, Part Three"



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