Batman uses The Emergency Wireless Battransmitter to alert Alfred Pennyworth with Morse Batcode to his present location. The ever-reliable butler arrives just in time to rescue The Caped Crusader from the sunken casket. After Batman revives from the trance he put himself into in order to conserve air, Alfred informs him that he overheard Tut planning to boil Robin in oil. Meanwhile, Tut decides to accept the money Lisa's father is prepared to pay ($8,300,487.12) for her safe return and, using a radio program as the go-between, arranges for Batman to deliver the money to the abandoned boilerworks, alone. As Tut prepares to boil The Boy Wonder, his current queen, Neila, tries to help Lisa and Robin escape, but all are quickly discovered and captured by Tut. Just as Robin is about to be thrown into the boiling vat of oil, Batman uses the battering ram attached to The Batcycle to burst into the room. Quickly knocking Tut's men out of the way with a money bag, Batman throws a capsule into the oil, turning it into foam rubber! Saved, Robin aids his partner in taking out The Tutlings. Meanwhile, Tut, knocked out during the battle, reverts to his normal scholarly self. Later, after a date, Lisa Carson invites Bruce Wayne into her hotel room for milk and cookies.


Miss Tallulah Bankhead locks horns with Batman!





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