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Batman: Arkham Knight is the sequel to Batman: Arkham City. It was released on June 23, 2015


In the explosive finale to the Arkham series, Batman faces the ultimate threat against the city he is sworn to protect. The Scarecrow returns to unite an impressive roster of super villains, including Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, to destroy The Dark Knight forever.

Batman: Arkham Knight introduces Rocksteady’s uniquely designed version of the Batmobile, which is drivable for the first time in the franchise. The addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the acclaimed gameplay of the Batman Arkham series, offers gamers the ultimate and complete Batman experience as they tear through the streets and soar across the skyline of the entirety of Gotham City.



Main Villains/Adversaries

Side Villains/Adversaries

DLC characters



Similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, Batman : Arkham Knight contains a variety of gameplay mechanics, including combat, stealth, puzzle solving, and exploration. New gameplay elements include the addition of fighting the Arkham Knight's tanks with the Batmobile at certain segments, at times using the Batmobile to solve puzzles, or just using it for faster movement around the city (although you can still choose to travel to your next objective on foot like in the first two games of the trilogy if you prefer). There are also plenty of optional unlockable side missions where you track down different villains and attempt to bring them to justice.

After completing the main story of Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight, players must complete all the optional side missions to obtain the final ending of Batman: Arkham Knight.

The game has much more content and replay value than any Batman video game to date, including many AR challenges, episodes where you play as different characters, and the aforementioned side missions, as well as all the elements of other Batman games, plus new additions. This is likely why Batman: Arkham Knight is said to be "the ultimate and complete Batman experience."


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Side Missions

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Arkham Episodes

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Voice Actors

Development History

In 2012, it was revealed in Variety that Rocksteady was developing a silver age prequel, about Batman's first meeting with the Joker, described as "highly stylized."[1] Rocksteady's sliver age game has never been mentioned again, and a gritty prequel developed by WB Games Montréal appeared soon after.

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