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Batman Adventures special: Batman: Harley and Ivy part 1- Bosom Buddies is part one of a three part special of the Batman Adventures comic book series.


Harley Quinn has just bumbled Poison Ivy’s theft of a rare Zombie Root. Unfortunately, the snafu sends the duo back to Arkham Asylum— and Ivy vows she’ll never work with Harley again. But Harley won’t be denied, and when Ivy breaks out of Arkham and heads for South America to find a new Zombie Root, she’s right behind her! The criminal duo are about to find themselves up against oily politicians, cutthroat mercenaries, Batman…and even Hollywood!


  • Writer: Paul Dini
  • Penciller: Bruce Timm
  • Inker: Shane Glines
  • Colorist:Lee Loughridge
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Editor: Joan Hilty