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Batman Knightfall (Audio CD)

Cover of the Audio CD version

Batman: Knightfall was a BBC Audio Drama based on the comic series of Batman: Knightfall. It was first broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 in 1994 on April 11th and finished on July 22nd. It was later published on audio cassettes and CDs. As was named in the US as "Batman: The Knighfall Saga".


(Taken from the Audio CD)

"In this thrilling Radio Drama, Batman has been crippled by his fiercest foe ever: Bane, a villain of Superhuman strength, cunning and evil."


(Taken from the Audio CD)

"Gotham City is reeling from the shocking news that Batman has been confined to a wheelchair. Who will now protect the innocent from thedangerous inmates of Arkham Asylum, whom Bane released? A new hero-Azrael-takes up the mantle of the Bat. But Azrael is a more brutal Batman than Bruce Wayne, and far more eager to punish the guilty rather than protect the innocent. Will he destroy Gotham City in order to save it?


  • Bob Sessions as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Michael Gough as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Daniel Marinker as Robin/Tim Drake
  • Peter Marinker as Bane, Jack Drake
  • Kerry Shale as Jean Paul Valley/Azrael, The Joker, The Cavalier, Thomas Wayne
  • William Roberts as Commissioner James Gordon, Amygdala, Carlton LeHa, Tough Tony
  • Lorelai King as Renee Montoya, Leslie Thompkins, Lady Shiva, Young Bruce, Martha Wayne, Sarah Essen
  • Eric Meyers as Harvey Bullock, Colonel Vega, Batcave Computer, Joe Chill, Bird, Jeremiah Arkham, Firefly, Nomoz
  • Michael Roberts as The Ventriloquist, Film Freak, Simpson Flanders, Benedict Asp, Hood
  • Alibe Parsons as Shondra Kinsolving
  • James Goode as Nightwing/Dick Grayson, The Scarecrow
  • Stuart Milligan as The Riddler, Maxie Zeus
  • Chris Emmett as Mad Hatter
  • Vincent Marzello as Armand Krol, Abattoir, Mr. Zsasz




Michael Gough who played Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and guardian in the Burton/Schumacher Batman movies reprised his role as the voice of Alfred Pennyworth.