"Batman: Reborn" is a comic book story arc first published in the late 2000s. It ran through numerous titles, they were Batgirl, Batman, Batman and Robin, Batman: Streets of Gotham, Detective Comics, Gotham City Sirens, Outsiders and Red Robin, it was published in 2009.


In the wake of the Battle for the Cowl, the new Batman, Dick Grayson, along with his new side-kick, Damian Wayne fight to regain control of a chaotic Gotham City. As if the gang war between Two-Face and The Penguin wasn't bad enough, a new group arrives on the scene, the Circus of Strange.

Meanwhile, Tim Drake has left Gotham in search of Bruce Wayne, who he is convinced is still alive. Using his new identity, Red Robin, Tim is traveling the globe on a quest to locate Bruce's whereabouts. Unfortunately for Tim, Ra's al Ghul is watching him.


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