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Batman: Shadow of the Bat #8: The Misfits, Part II is issue eight of the Batman: Shadow of the Bat comic book series.


The Misfits set their plans in motion. As Alfred Pennyworth is driving Bruce to the Wayne Foundation building an explosive goes off. Alfred is injured and before anyone could call an ambulance, the main phone lines go dead. Killer Moth and Chancer attack from a nearby building. Bruce Wayne tries to fight off the villains but Killer Moth shoots him in the chest with a tranqulizer dart. Killer Moth then hurls a grenade at the remaining guards and escapes with Bruce Wayne on his getaway car. Meanwhile, at the charity gala, Calendar Man and Catman activate a device that sends low frequency sonic waves flying into all present. Calendar Man then drops a large net over the police who are guarding the place. James Gordon tries to get Krol to a safe place but Catman and Calendar Man manages to seize them before they can escape. Calendar Man then activates his device through remote control and fake sounds of gunfire kept the remaining guards at bay. They get in their getaway car escape with Gordon and Krol.

At the police headquarters, Sarah Essen Gordon is furious that half the force was present there and they still couldn't stop the kidnapping. Detective Stan Kitch arrives and tells her that Bruce Wayne has also been kidnapped. At the Misfits' hideout, Catman and Calendar Man bring in Gordon and Mayor Krol. Killer Moth and Bruce Wayne are already present. After Bruce revives, he finds himself sitting next to the others. Gordon hatches an escape plan and charges into the kidnappers in an effort to distract them. Bruce Wayne and Mayor Krol flee, but Krol is recaptured. Bruce tries to leap over the fence around the hideout but Catman's pet panther stops him. The hostages are then regrouped and Killer Moth threatens to shoot them dead if they attempt another escape.

The Misfits then place a call to the GCPD and demand a ransom of ten million dollars or the victims die at 9:00pm. The villains also say they will call later with further instructions. NImrod, meanwhile, searches for Chancer. He sees the Bat-Signal and follows it, intending to meet Batman. However, Robin arrives instead and arrests Nimrod because he knows the man is an escaped convict. Nimrod explains that Chancer framed him for a crime. Robin refuses to listen to him, but when Sarah Essen reports that the victims might die at nine, Nimrod confides that he knows where the Misfits are, but Robin is going to have to free him first.


  • Story: Alan Grant
  • Pencils: Tim Sale
  • Inks: Tim Sale
  • Letters: Todd Klein
  • Colors: Adrienne Roy