Batman: The Adventures Continue is a limited-run comic series released in 2020 to continue the DC Animated Universe Batman, which had been dormant. The project was headed by Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and Ty Templeton (all of whom worked on DCAU properties) with them joining forces with more recent DC creators like Joe Quinones. The comic uses character designs from The New Batman Adventures, picking up where the show left off but before the events of Batman Beyond.

The series was largely advertised to tie-in characters and costumes from the comics which were never directly featured in the DCAU. This allowed DC Direct to expand their line of animated Batman toys with the rationality that there was now new material to represent as a figurine.


Hardware (Digital Issues 1-2)

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Following Superman's disappearance, Batman goes up against a giant robot created by business-rival Lex Luthor to rob Wayne Enterprises of alien tech salvaged from the alien super-computer Brainiac. Luthor intends to use this tech to continue to progress LexCorp's technology meanwhile Batman finds himself unable to hold his own with Lex's robot which has enhanced strength, speed, and the uncanny ability to fly without propulsion.

When Luthor attempts to take the stolen haul by (a considerably slow) airplane back to Metropolis, Batman equips a high-tech suit stored in the Batcave. The suit is heavily plated, capable of flight and equipped with Kryptonite gauntlets and Batman uses it to intervene with Luthor's flight. In battle with the robot, Batman is able to damage the chest of the android revealing that it was being powered by a kidnapped and brainwashed Superman. A fight transpires between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight but ultimately ends with the two teaming up to defeat Luthor.

Throughout the story we are introduced to a mysterious figure spying on Batman.

Mentors (Digital Issues 3-6)

Following a battle with Clayface, Batman and Robin make acquaintances with a supposed super-hero known as Deathstroke AKA Slade Wilson and his side-kick "Sunny". Robin becomes closer acquainted with Slade, coming to see him as a new mentor figure to idolize while they team up to hunt down Firefly who is apparently now an agent of the terrorist organization Kobra.

After the battle though, it is revealed that Firefly was truly Sunny is disguise as she and Deathstroke wished to study the Bat-family for weaknesses. As it turns out, Deathstroke and Sunny are mercenaries who were hired by Lex Luthor to assassinate Batman and his allies in retaliation to their prior run-in. Deathstroke proceeds to try and assassinate Batman by rigging the tri-state dam with explosives. Sunny then re-assumed her Firefly disguise to lure Batman into the dam.

Batman however managed to alert Robin and BatGirl to his location where they distracted the Terminator for long enough for Batman to use Slade's own Hephaustus Sword to set his suit on fire. This incapacitates Deathstroke with Batman preceding to extinguish his suit. The whole affair leaves Tim disaffected with super-heroics, foreshadowing changes to come in the times beyond.

We continue to see the mysterious Red Hood figure spying on the Bat-Family throughout this story.

The Darker Knight (Digital Issues 7-8)

In this chapter, after pursuing Catwoman for a heist she commit, Batman reunites with his old contemporary Jean-Paul Valley. Jean-Paul and Bruce trained together within the ranks of the Order of St. Dumas which Bruce left, but Jean-Paul became an agent of under the Batman-inspired moniker of Azrael. As it turns out, Catwoman was responsible in stealing a religious artifact known as the Shawl of Magdalene that she's already changed hands of in ownership.

Batman and Azrael do some catching-up in the Batcave before the two team-up with Azrael being given his own modified Bat-suit created by Bruce and Alfred. Under their partnership, it is discovered that the shawl has been obtained by the Penguin and is being kept in the Iceberg Lounge. When the two confront the Penguin, they are met with what appears to be a giant mutant bird-monster that Penguin claims is his new, "Wingman", Mr. Wing.

Mr. Wing fights Azrael and Batman before incapacitating him. Azrael goes on to dangle Penguin off the side of the Iceberg Lounge's balcony to interrogate him before dropping the mobster off the side, intending to murder him. Batman manages to save Penguin however with Azrael angrily deciding to ditch Batman as a result. All the while, the Red Hood watches them from a distance.

As it turns out, the shawl was stolen for one Mr. Freeze who wishes to use its biblical powers for his wife Nora. It is revealed that Nora had died shortly after receiving the cure to her condition but that Victor had kept her corpse in hopes to resurrect her. Azrael and Batman both tracked down Freeze independently of one another with Jean-Paul aiming to murder the super-villain. Before Azrael got the chance, Freeze froze the murderous zealot in a block of ice aimed to slowly freeze him to death.

Using Nora's corpse, Batman managed to distract Freeze before incapacitating him by shattering his head-dome with an explosive batarang and using his freeze-ray to encase his head in ice to keep him alive. Following this he used a sonic batarang to free Azrael from his icy prison. With Azrael dying of hypothermia, Batman uses the shawl to heal Azrael's wounds and bring him back from death.

The two went on to return the shawl to the Church of St. Dumas where it was stolen as Jean-Paul Valley thanked Bruce for saving him and how he is more compassionate than he lets on.

As the story ends, we are shown Jason Todd spying on none other than the Joker himself from a distance in Amusement Mile.

Red Son Rising (Issues 9-)

This story is kicked off by Joker noticing Jason Todd spying on him at the amusement-park he's at before getting his super-strong henchman, Straightman to go and fight him. This results in a large fight between the three criminals which spreads throughout Amusement Mile. Ultimately, the Joker and his partner are able to escape thanks to modified bumper-cars.

Tim goes on to confront Batman about the nature of Red Hood before Batman leaves, instructing Alfred to tell Tim everything. Alfred tells Tim about how after Dick Grayson quit being Robin, there was a crime-wave in Gotham lead by a gang known as the Wolves. The Wolves were lead by a gangster known as the Alpha who would always have new members wear a "Red Hood" and act as look-outs while putting them in the most dangerous of positions, mirroring being the Little Red Riding Hoods to their big bad wolves.

Jason Todd was the brother of one of these Red hoods who died on the job, leading Jason to become obsessed with targeting and viciously destroying the gang. This lead to Batman deciding to adopt Jason off the streets and train him in the Batcave where he showed signs of being reckless and brutal. Before his training was complete, Jason stole the Robin suit in order to help Batman fight crime on the streets.

We further learn that Jason later managed to persuade Bruce to let him become Robin, promising to be a great partner. On one mission however, things changed when Jason tore off Scarecrow's mask and threw him out a window on a tall building. Batman saved Scarecrow but later in the BatCave it caused a large fight between Jason and Bruce. This fight ended in Robin kicking Bruce in the jaw and leaving, disappearing off the face of the earth for four years.

Back in modern times we catch up with Batman meeting with Jason in an abandoned bar where Jason reveals his new identity of, The Red Hood. Batman tries to make amends with his lost ward only for Jason to reveal how Bruce's sentimentality always got in the way of Batman's detection skills. Jason goes on to shoot his gun at the wall of bottles which is revealed to be holding gasoline, causing the building to explode as Jason makes his get-away.


Wave I

  • Deathstroke: Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke (or Deathstroke the Terminator), a super-villain assassin who first appeared in The New Teen Titans #2 (1980).
    • The only significant changes with Deathstroke is the addition of his sidekick Sunny, and his flaming Hephaustus sword which is likely inspired by his Godkiller sword from the comics which had a much different design.
  • Azrael: Jean-Paul Valley AKA Azrael, a murderous Christian vigilante ally-turned-enemy of Batman who first appeared Sword of Azrael #1 (October 1992). He presumably never appeared in Batman: The Animated Series due to being a fairly recent character from the time and the creators seemed disinterested with his story as shown by the limited appearances of Bane. The figurine released is modelled after Azrael's batsuit from when he assumed the Batman moniker during Knightfall. It has been mentioned in interviews however that a red variant of the figure would be released.
    • The significant change is made of Azrael now having trained alongside Bruce Wayne when they were younger, rather than him being a would-be protégée of the Dark Knight. His superiors in the order also seem to be less malevolent than their comic counterparts.
  • Super-Armor Batman: Armour modelled after the Exoframe Batsuit from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) which Batman adopted for his high-stakes battle with Superman. The mech-suit has the visible change of green eyes and kryptonite-lined knuckles. The figurine of the design also shows an aged Batman which has grey hair at his temples, resembling the middle-aged Batman we see in backslashes during Batman Beyond.
    • Here the suit seems to be much more to the purpose of simply replicating Superman's powers rather than combating them. It also has kryptonite lined knuckles, green tinted eyes, and the power of flight which is unique to this version of the armour.
  • The Red Hood: Jason Todd AKA The Red Hood, the second Robin who first appeared in  Batman #357 (1983) and as the villainous/anti-heroic Red Hood in Batman #635 (2005). Jason's Robin never appeared in the DCAU as the show went from Dick Grayson to Tim Drake (albeit with their Tim Drake sharing many similarities to Jason). As for his incarnation of Red Hood, this wouldn't happen until ten years after the end of BtAS and two years after Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman.
    • Jason's origins are changed with him being initially traumatized by his brother's death rather than his abusive environment, in addition to Bruce adopting him after catching him partaking in violent vigilantism rather than tire-jacking the Batmobile. Jason additionally didn't die in this universe, instead he simply left Batman after they disagreed on Jason's attempted brutal-murder of the Scarecrow.

Wave II

  • The Batman Who Laughs: Based off of the villainous Bruce Wayne of Earth-22, an evil AU Batman who adopted Joker's mentality and who first appeared in Dark Days: The Casting #1 (September 2017). The character was very obviously not included in the DCAU due to having been created 12 years after Mystery of the Batwoman. Curiously, his design appears to have the same chin and mouth as the Joker rather than Batman.
  • Hush: Based off of Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot AKA Hush who first appeared in Batman #609 (January 2003); being Bruce's childhood best-friend turned machiavellian enemy obsessed with destroying Bruce's life out of bitter envy. The character was introduced to comics years after Batman: The Animated Series ended although he would be referenced by name in tie-in Batman Beyond comics as an enemy of Terry McGinnis, likely referring to the Dick Grayson clone who went by the same alias.
  • Batman (Thomas Wayne)': Based on Dr. Thomas Waynes incarnation of Batman from the alternate-timeline of Flashpoint #1 (2011) where Bruce Wayne was shot dead in Crime Alley causing Thomas to become a murderous Batman and Martha, the Joker.
  • Talon: Characters based off of the Talon Assassins who serve the Court of Owls, first appearing in Batman #1 (September, 2011). There are two Talon variants which have had art released of, one being more generic while the other is heavily armoured with owl motifs and steampunk-inspired tech.
  • Vampire Batman: Based off of the vampiric Batman from the Elseworlds Batman & Dracula Trilogy (1991) who was bitten by Dracula and turned into a vampire. It should be noted that there was a planned episode of Batman: The Animated Series featuring Nocturna where Batman would be turned into a vampire. There is also the film Justice League: Gods and Monsters in-which Kirk Langstrom becomes a vampiric Batman.



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