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Batman The Dark Knight-1 Cover-3

Batman: The Dark Knight Issue #1 Cover-3

Golden Dawn, Part One[]

Batman is searching for a childhood friend, Dawn Golden, who recently went missing.

During their childhood, Bruce thought Dawn was cold and aloof. However, as time passed, the two became very close friends.

Commissioner Gordon is coordinating the search for Dawn at the Gotham City Police Department.

Killer Croc has just beaten up a man in another part of the city. Batman tracks him down, having figured out that Croc has taken Venom. Batman believes that Croc is involved in Dawn's sudden disappearance. The two begin to fight, and Croc gains the upper hand. Batman throws a large shard of glass over Croc, defeating him. As Batman interrogates him, Croc confesses that he gave Dawn to a man named Lars Beck. Batman then hands Croc over to the police and asks Gordon for information about Beck. Gordon tells Batman that Beck has taken on several aliases, such as Lars Becker or Larry Booker. Beck has been working in a new club called the Boom Room. Batman then leaves as several reporters surround Gordon.

At the Narrows, a few hobos find a dismembered corpse.

At the Batcave, Bruce investigates Dawn's disappearance. He goes to investigate the Boom Room to see any links between Beck and Dawn. At the Boom Room, Batman finds a necklace similar to one worn by Dawn. Outside, the Batmobile is hacked by an unidentified person. Suddenly, Batman is attacked by the Penguin and his thugs.


Golden Dawn, Part One[]