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"Golden Dawn, Part Two"[]

As Penguin and his thugs surround him, Batman demands Dawn's location. Penguin orders his thugs to shoot Batman, but Batman hides under a table to avoid the gunshots. He then uses a wire to trap the thugs, but Penguin runs away. Batman tries to catch him.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon and the police try to track down Killer Croc after his recent escape from a police truck. Suddenly, he is informed that Mayor Hady just put Forbes in charge of the Dawn Golden investigation.

Batman catches up to Penguin and tries to get him to talk. When the Penguin refuses, Batman breaks his limbs. Also, he begins acting more and more angrily. Then, Killer Croc appears and knocks Batman out. He then helps the Penguin. He also says that Forbes is working for Penguin.

Outside, the person who hacked into the Batmobile's security systems is revealed to be a woman. The woman hears Killer Croc and Penguin talking, so she enters the Batmobile. She tries to drive it, but the Batmobile drives away from the place, just as Penguin and Killer Croc carry Batman outside the club.

In the Narrows, the thugs who just saw Lars Beck's corpse begin to believe that someone is after them. They agree to protect each other, but suddenly, Ragman appears behind them.

In Jason Blood's apartment, Jason suddenly transforms into Etrigan.

In an abandoned building, Batman awakens and finds himself tied to a chair strapped with explosives. He also realizes that Dawn Golden's necklace has been taken from him. Batman believes that the necklace must have been the reason of why he acted so aggressively towards the Penguin. Suddenly, Killer Croc appears and punches him in the face. He makes Batman watch a screen with a message from the Penguin. Transimitting from another location, the Penguin tells Batman that the explosives he is tied to are set to his heart rate.


Golden Dawn, Part Two[]