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Batman The Dark Knight Vol 2-1 Cover-2

Batman: The Dark Knight (Volume 2) Issue #1 Cover-2

"Knight Terrors"[]

After a night out as Batman, Bruce Wayne quickly changes into a tux in order to be on time for a speech for Gotham's elite on behalf of Wayne Enterprises. Afterwards, he meets with a congressman, in hopes of greasing the wheels of certain overseas deals.

He is accosted at the following party by a Liutenant J. Forbes of Internal Affairs at the Gotham City Police Department. Forbes warns that he knows about the fact that Wayne funds a vigilante, and suggests that Bruce is too stupid to finance a vigilante on his own. He believes that Bruce has help from someone high up in the GCPD, and wants to know who.

Forbes is interrupted by a woman named Jaina Hudson. Bruce takes the opportunity to manipulate the Lieutenant into leaving him alone for the time being, and thanks Jaina for saving him. The two of them hit it off quickly, but their flirtation is short-lived, and Jaina begins circulating among the other guests. After a while of schmoozing, Bruce looks at his watch, and decides to leave.

Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum, the security struggles to hold back a breach. An explosion sees a number of Gotham's worst escaping. Batman arrives outside, and offers to give the 65 men trapped inside with the inmates a fighting chance. As he rushes inside, he demands to know where Two-Face is.

Going in deeper, they fight their way through Arkham's halls until they catch a glimpse of a woman dressed as a white rabbit. Batman chases her down, believing that she is a distraction being used to spring Harvey Dent from the asylum. Edging around a corner, Batman calls out for Two-Face to show himself. In response, there is an explosion, and Two-Face's coin bounces out of the nearby room. Out steps a grotesquely muscular and overgrown Harvey Dent, demanding to be called One-Face.


"Knight Terrors"[]






  • Outside the main gates of Arkham Asylum is a glowing woman wearing a purple cloak. This character first appeared in Flashpoint #5 and makes similar cameos in all #1s of The New 52.