Batman: The Enemy Within, also known as Telltale's Batman: Season Two, is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game, developed and published by Telltale Games. The game is a sequel to Batman: The Telltale Series, which was released episodically from August 2nd to December 13th 2016. Like the previous game, it features a branching narrative and multiple choices, which changes either Batman's character, how the story progresses and relationships with characters.


A year after the defeat of Lady Arkham and the Children of Arkham, Batman is brought into conflict with a group of criminals known as "The Pact". At the same time, a government organization known as the Agency arrives in Gotham to combat the Pact with its director Amanda Waller, causing trouble for both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Bruce also becomes re-associated with former Arkham Asylum patient "John Doe", whose future is decided by the choices he makes.


  1. The Enigma
  2. The Pact
  3. Fractured Mask
  4. What Ails You
  5. Same Stitch


Like it's predecessor, Batman: The Enemy Within uses a point-and-click style of gameplay. The player mainly controls Batman and his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, in dialogue sections, where they can chose dialogue or actions.

The player can control Batman or Bruce in certain environments, where they can investigate and interact with the area. During these, they have to find items, talk to characters or solve puzzles to continue the story. In some of these sections, Batman must investigate a crime scene to determine what happened and who is responsible.

Combat mainly consists of quick-time events, which require the player to press the right button before a limited time. Failure in some of these results in player death. Batman can also use this link system to plan out encounters and decide how to take out enemies, with multiple options available.

Throughout gameplay, Batman's choices will either change the story or impact relationships between him and other characters. These decisions will last throughout the rest of the series, though the player can replay the episodes and change the outcome. After completing each episode, their decisions will be compared to with other players. The results will show how many players also made their decisions or took a different option. At the end of the series, the player will be shown the relationships between their Batman and the other characters they've interacted with.



  • William Beckman - Voice Director
  • Jack Fletcher - Additional Voice Director
  • Joseph Moeller - Voice Director


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