Sunsoft released a Batman: The Video Game title for the Nintendo Game Boy handheld device, released  in 1990. This version features very few boss fight encounters compared to the console versions, among other considerable differences.

Gameplay Edit

The game is is a side-scrolling platformer with shooter elements, Batman uses a firing a weapon instead of hand to hand combat. The platform elements are kinda similar to games like Super Mario Land with the gravity is a bit soft when you jump.

Levels Edit

  • Gotham CityBatman fights his way through numerous henchmen to get to the Axis Chemical Factory.
  • Chemical Factory: Batman infiltrates the Axis Chemicals Factory, fighting Jack Napier's henchmen.
  • Batman vs Jack: Batman has a one-a-one fight with Jack Napier, Batman knocks Napier into the vat of chemicals, transforming him into the Joker.
  • Gotham City: Batman fights his way through numerous Joker's henchmen to get to the Flugelheim Museum.
  • Flugalheim Museum: Batman fights his way through numerous Joker's henchmen and machines in the Museum.
  • Batwing Stage: Batman, piloting the Batwing, must shoot the Joker's helicopters, planes and flying machines.
  • Gotham Cathedral: Batman fights his way through numerous Joker's henchmen to get where the Joker is hiding.
  • Batman vs Joker: Batman has his final confrontation with the Joker.

Reception Edit

The Game Boy version has received positive reviews by critics and players. holds an aggregate score of 78.75% on GameRankings for the Game Boy version. It features Batman attacking with a gun and is arguably the least related title to the movie.



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