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Batman: Year One was a film project that was never produced based on the Batman: Year One story by Frank Miller. The director was set to be Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller was set to write the script, though it was entirely different story. It was going to be rated R. A Year One-esque film finally emerged in 2005, called Batman Begins.

Differences from Comic[]

  • After Bruce Wayne's parents are shot, Bruce loses his fortune and becomes homeless.
  • Alfred's character changed to a African-American man named "Little"Al who runs a Auto-Repair shop and acts as Bruce's mentor.
  • Bruce doesn't travel the world, he instead reads books on various types of combat and practices them.
  • Unlike the comic it would have focused more on Bruce.
  • Bruce uses mostly chemical based weapons when fighting (like the original Bill Finger Batman).
  • Bruce Wayne gets his persona from an intertwined T and W on a ring he wore while fighting crime that was mistaken for a bat.
  • Many key scenes from the comic are omitted from the script.
  • The Batmobile and Batcave are present. The Batmobile was a modified car in "Little-Al"'s garage. The Batcave is located in a abandoned subway station.
  • Gordon has lived in Gotham for years, and is trying to leave for the sake of his pregnant wife.
  • Gordon's wife is renamed Ann.
  • Carmine Falcone is omitted from the script and Gillain B.Loeb would have replaced him as the Master of the Organized crime.
  • Selina Kyle would have been African-American and would have had a more prominent role.
  • Gordon's character would have been suicidal.
  • The Batmobile would have been a Lincoln Continental. 
  • There would have been many new characters that were not in the comic.


Joel Schumacher claimed he lobbied to direct a Year One adaptation but WB turned down his pitch. Up and comer Darren Aronofsky was chosen by the studio to direct and write the film. Aronofsky collaborated with Frank Miller to co-write. This film was intended to reboot the Batman franchise,  Aronofsky stated during the production "it's somewhat based on the comic book, toss out everything you can imagine about Batman! Everything! We're starting completely anew." Matthew Libatique was set as the cinematographer and Aronofsky approached Christian Bale for the role as Batman (who later played him in Christopher Nolan's film trilogy). In June of 2002 the film was abandoned. ( The script can be viewed here

Aronofsky has stated that he wanted Batman to be played by Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix has now played The Joker in the 2019 Joker film.


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