"I feel George is the best Batman of all. He's suave, elegant, has great profile with a strong chin, like the features of Batman in the comic books."
Bob Kane[src]

Batman & Robin: The Making of the Movie is a book on the making of Batman & Robin written by unit publicist Michael Singer.



  • Meet the Creator (p. 5)

Bob Kane on Set

  • "One More One..." (p. 8)

Schumacher and Batman Together Again

  • Company...Attention! (p. 18)

Assembling the Crew

  • Stars Over Gotham (p. 24)

Assembling the Cast

  • Gotham Deluxe (p. 46)

Production Design

  • Reinventing the Wheels (p. 60)

The vehicles of Batman & Robin

  • The Hot & The Cool (p. 66)


    • Behind the Action 1: Museum on Ice (p. 68)
  • Beyond the Cape (p. 74)

Costume Design

    • Behind the Action 2: Party Crasher (p. 88)
  • A Coat of Frosting (p. 94)

Makeup and Hair Design

    • Behind the Action 3: Up on the Roof (p. 106)
  • Seeing is Believing (p. 112)

Visual Effects

  • Putting it Together (p. 122)


  • The Final Signal (p. 126)
  • Movie Credits (p. 128)
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