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Batman '89 #1 is the first issue in the Batman '89 comic series, a continuation of the continuity seen in the films Batman and Batman Returns. The comic was written by Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm, drawn by Joe Quinones and colored by Leonardo Ito. It was released on August 10, 2021.

"Shadows: Chapter One"


On Halloween night in Gotham City, Gotham's citizens celebrate the occasion by trick or treating. Some arose controversy by dressing up as either Batman or the Joker. However, the night is interrupted when several criminals, dressed as clowns and led by a man named Emmett, attack an armored convoy. To cover their tracks, several members cause a riot on the streets and attack civilians. This also encourages the people dressed as Batman to fight back.

Batman, in contact with Commissioner Gordon, works to foil the robbery. As the criminals attempt to airlift the vehicles via helicopter, he glides onto the haul and attaches the vehicle to a building via a grappling hook. As the vehicle crashes, the men on the ground turn their attention to killing Batman, forcing him to flee in a rebuilt Batmobile. The GCPD also arrive on the scene to apprehend the criminals.

Meanwhile, District Attorney Harvey Dent and his fiancé, Barbara Gordon, are caught in riots. When one of the members steals Gordon's purse, Harvey gives chase. Though cornered by the two, he fends them off and scares them away, using a double-headed coin to "decide" their fate. Believing Batman to have inspired the gangs, Dent decides to begin a campaign against the Dark Knight.

The following morning, Dent visits Wayne Manor to acquire Bruce Wayne's support. Over his breakfast, Harvey reveals he has called in the National Guard to help clear up the riots. Believing the GCPD to be ill-equipped for criminals and Gordon to be too reliant Batman, Dent asks for Bruce's support to both capture the Dark Knight and oust the commissioner. After Harvey leaves, Bruce and Alfred discuss Batman's future, and whether it should be time to give up the cowl.

At GCPD, Barbara investigates pieces of Batman's equipment confiscated over his time of operation. Recognizing it to be high tech, she and Dent realize he is well funded. Meanwhile, Harvey visits his childhood neighborhood Burnside. During it, he calls into an automobile repair shop owned by his mentor Jerome Otis. Though him, Harvey is able to mobilize figures in the neighborhood to call for Gordon's dismissal.

Whilst watching a report on the proceedings, Bruce notices the Batsignal lit. Monitoring the site as Batman, he discovered Dent has done so in an attempt to trap him, with the help of Dt. Harvey Bullock. Calling Gordon, they decide to end communications whilst Dent investigates them. Gordon also warns Batman to stay off the streets due to the National Guard's orders to capture him.

As curfew begins, Batman is drawn to a corner store robbery. As the soldiers arrest the owner for using a gun, he follows the thief to their building, discovering it to be a youth who stole supplies for his baby sister rather than cash. Hearing a voice outside, Batman is attacked by another one in a dark costume, causing him to fall into the alley way. As the attacker flees, Batman is discovered by nearby soldiers.







  • Batmobile
  • Joker Gang Helicopters
  • Harvey Dent's Car


  • Halloween Riots
  • Gotham City Curfew


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