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Batman '89 #4 is the fourth issue in the Batman '89 comic series. It was released on December 7, 2021.

"Shadows: Chapter Four"


As protesters amass to demonstrate against the release of the arsonists, Lt. Bullock orders the deployment of riot gear to hold back "bad apples". This countermands Gordon's orders and promises for a peaceful demonstration to the Burnside Council. Deciding to help the protesters hold them off, Drake deploys spraypaint to disrupt the operations and assist the protesters. With the advantage, the group then beguin fighting off officers, even stealing and using their own equipment against them. After the officers retreat, Gordon takes over the situation and orders a retreat, though his reputation is damaged by their actions.

Returning to the Batcave, Bruce learns about "Robin's" actions from Alfred and the fallout. Before he goes to bed, Pennyworth reveals he'd investigated Drake further and discovered links to the Wayne family. At the hospital, Harvey's mental health continues to deteriorate, relying on the coin to make his own decisions. He also refuses Bruce's offers, alienating Barbara from him. During the nighttime, he escapes the hospital whilst "the other Harvey" manifests himself.

Investigating Alfred's findings, Bruce learns that Drake's family were once a prominent family in Burnside, running their own motor company that employed many residents. However, the company was bought out by Wayne Motors and subsequently closed down by its management. Invited to Wayne Manor, Drake asks Bruce to testify against the arsonists and discloses his suspicions that he'd subdued the group. Refusing to acknowledge Catwoman's involvement, he produces a vial, claiming it to be acid, and engages Bruce in a fight. After Bruce defeats him, Drake reveals he know he is Batman and reveals himself to be the vigilante he'd encountered.

After infecting the GCPD with a virus, Selina poses as IT support to infiltrate the building and steal data. Whilst interviewing her, Barbara learns that Harvey has vanished from the hospital in an apparent escape attempt. Whilst other officers interview her, they learn that Dent had been spotted within the GCPD. Having stolen files from the building, Dent is discovered and feels into the subway system. Dent makes his way to the abandoned Burnside Station, where he plans to set up his operations.

Over dinner, Bruce learns how Drake deduced his identity. Though he'd planned to turn him in to the police, Winston reveals he decided against it after he'd helped rescue Dent from the blaze. However, he confronts him on how his actions will only result in further violence and his indirect inspiration of the copycats. Taking him to the Batcave, Bruce shows him the equipment used, including a new vehicle. Whilst there, Drake offers to help him in his activities as his sidekick.









  • The issues was originally scheduled for release on November 9, 2021 but was delayed for two weeks. Some sources have claimed this was due to printing problems and paper shortages experienced in October 2021.[1]
  • The fight between Bruce and Drake is taken from original drafts of Batman, including Alfred's intervention with a rifle.
  • Writer Sam Hamm and artist Joe Quinones appear as GCPD officers who search for and chase Dent.
  • Dent's escape into the subway mirrors a similar scene from 1978's Superman.