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This was the very first comic book adaptation of one of Batman's motion pictures with art by Jerry Ordway, illustrator of the Superman comics. It was first reprinted in Batman: The Movies trade paperback collection. In 2019 it was re-colored as a special hardback Deluxe Edition in celebration of the film's 30th anniversary.


"Batman pits the Caped Crusader against his greatest foe: The Joker, a crazed psychotic killer with a sinister smile and a comedic flair."



Differences with the film[]

  • Batman's confrontation with Eddie and Nick is more condensed, with the muggers shots at him missing and the latter being subdued via martial arts rather than being ensnared with a roped-Batarang.
  • Harvey Dent and Mayor Borg are not as prominent in the comic, with Commissioner Gordon taking some of their roles in the film.
  • Bob the Goon is absent in scenes involving the Grissom Syndicate.
  • Several scenes with Bruce and Alfred are either removed or condensed.
  • Aflred is controlling the the security footage at the Central Computer Console while Bruce sits in front of it telling him what to do. In the films Alfred always left Wayne in solitude while he transitions into the Batman persona.
  • The Confrontation at Axis Chemicals is heavily condensed, with Batman being shown subduing just one thug and Batman's confrontations with Jack Napier being combined.
  • Batman's escape from Axis Chemicals is based Murray Close's photography of an alternate take of the scene, with Sean McCabe standing-in, pretending to surrender only to throw two smoke capsules. This alternate moment is also present in the novelization.
  • A scene involving the Gotham City Crimelords is absent.
  • Napier's disfigurement is fully revealed at Dr. Davis' surgery rather than just before he murders Carl Grissom.
  • Joker notices Vicki through a TV interview rather than photos taken by Bob and his goons.
  • Alicia Hunt dies shortly after Joker's takeover.
  • The Car Chase Through the Streets of Gotham is absent, with Batman and Vicki escaping the Joker Goons as they leave the Flugelheim Museum.
  • Vale is unable to see out the Batmobile window, Batman reveals that he changed the polarization of the glass so she wont realize the Batcave is located in the same area as Wayne Manor.
  • Batman is shown using a knockout gas capsule to render Vicki unconscious rather than covering her with his cape.
  • It is implied that Vicki recognizes Bruce as Batman from a look he had during the assassination of Vinnie Ricorso and a similar one he had from a photo taken after his parents' murder.
  • The scene where Joker announces his intentions to host the 200th Anniversary Parade and give out free money to the crowds is removed, though indicated to have taken place off-panel.
  • The Batmobile destroys Axis Chemicals by shooting a flammable tanker rather than dropping four small grenades into the heart of the factory.
  • The citizens discover that Joker's money are actually counterfeits adorn with his face like in the 1986 script.
  • Jerry Ordway draws Joker's long-barreled revolver with a much fatter barrel. Batman verbally indicates that it mustve been an explosive round to Alfred over the comlink.
  • Batman uses a conventional roped-Batarang to tie Joker to the Gargoyle rather than using a bola attachment for the Spring-Action Reel.
  • A deleted scene where Batman's disguises Alexander Knox as Batman to slip away is reinserted.
  • The Bat-Signal is projected onto a building, as was originally planned in all scripts since 1986.



Original Panels colored by Steve Oliff[]